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Some practical and inexpensive accessories to fully enjoy the beach

The more we travel, the more we discover accessories or things that can add to the quality of our stay or make our lives easier. Of course, they will be less useful to people who stay in 5-star hotels, but no one loses by discovering them, especially since they can be useful to us at home too! ;-)

Here are some accessories or tips shared by our members.

Some practical and inexpensive accessories for

Chair cover with pockets

It would be necessary to be able to check whether the dimensions are adequate for the chairs in Varadero, but different models, including several in microfibers, are now available on the market.

Prevent the beach towel from flying off our chair

The two simplest tips shared by our members are to place an old t-shirt on the back of the chair or to use simple Velcro strips. As simple and inexpensive as that! It's the same principle as the headbands now sold almost everywhere, but more expensive.

It is also possible to use “clothes pins” suitable for beach chairs.

Ensuring that our beverage remains cold, avoiding trips to the beach bar and contributing to better ecological and health management

Several chains and hotels in the South have taken a very significant turn over the past year or two to try to reduce their ecological impact, among other things by trying to eliminate plastic glasses and straws. A simple contribution we can make is to use thermos cups. ;-)

Get rid of sand easily

For about $2, you can get a mini broom (about 6 inches by 6 inches without the handle) that you can use to remove sand from your beach chair and even your legs. Not "glamorous" of course, but very useful, especially for people who are sensitive to sand flea bites... For my part, I won't do without it!

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