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  • Varadero seen from the sky in photo

    Photo: B the Travel Brand Just for our viewing pleasure! Varadero seen from the sky in photos Here are photos shared by our members over the months. I chose those where you can clearly see the peninsula, the sea and... the beaches! Photo: Chantal Thériault Photo: Michel Lafontaine Photo: Michel Lafontaine Photo: Butch Bouchard Photo: Chantal Verret Photo: Sonya Bouchard Photo: Sarah Bouchard Thériault Photo: Ernesto Perez Perez (Twitter) Photos shared by Michel Lafontaine but we are not sure who the authors are. Super nice video of just over 11 minutes, but a must see!

  • Ron Legendario Añejo Dorado

    Ron Legendario Añejo Dorado Immerse yourself in the golden essence of pleasure with Legendario Dorado rum. With a vibrant color that evokes the rich hues of tropical twilight, and a fragrant bouquet subtly blending wood and the sweetness of sugar cane, this liqueur intoxicates the senses from the first contact. On the palate, an explosion of flavors reveals all the power of this exquisite beverage, while its beneficial sweetness envelops every sensation. The union between the deep and the delicate is perfectly embodied in each sip, where the complexity of the aromas leaves an indelible imprint on the taste buds. Designed to elevate every experience, Legendario Dorado Rum is as versatile as it is captivating. Whether enjoyed neat, on ice or as the main ingredient in a sophisticated cocktail, it brings a touch of refinement to every occasion. An emblem of Cuban authenticity, each bottle embodies the heritage of this sunny land. Its alcoholic strength of 38º makes it an ideal companion for moments of relaxation with friends or to celebrate the joys of life. In its Cuban setting, this rum becomes much more than a simple drink; it becomes the symbol of a perfect union between pleasure and elegance.

  • Ron Caney Añejo CENTURIA

    Discover Caney Añejo Centuria Rum: A Cuban Treasure in Santiago de Cuba The world of spirits is full of hidden treasures, and Caney Añejo Centuria Rum is undoubtedly one of them. Made with passion in Santiago de Cuba, cradle of Cuban rum culture, this spirit seduces fans around the world with its rich history and exquisite flavors. A Homage to Pre-Columbian History The name “Caney” is loaded with deep historical meanings. It pays homage to the huts of the pre-Columbian aborigines, who called their homes that way. In choosing this name, Caney Rum celebrates not only the heritage of Cuban culture, but also the traditions and customs of the island's first inhabitants. An Exceptional Aging Process Caney Añejo Centuria rum is the result of meticulous aging for 7 years in oak barrels. This maturation process gives this rum a captivating dark brown color, as well as an incomparable complexity of flavors. An Elegant Palette of Flavors When tasting, Caney Añejo Centuria reveals a harmonious composition of flavors of wood, caramel, vanilla and orange. Each sip is a rich sensory experience, balanced between the sweetness of caramel, the warmth of wood and the fruity notes of orange. An Exceptional Tasting Experience This rum embodies both simplicity and elegance. Whether you choose to enjoy it neat, on the rocks, or with a slice of lime, Caney Añejo Centuria promises an unforgettable tasting experience every time. Available Exclusively at the Manzana Kempinski Hotel in Havana The Caney Añejo Centuria is a rare treasure in the Cuban market, and it is now available in the boutiques of the Manzana Kempinski Hotel in Havana. This exclusivity adds a touch of prestige to this already exceptional rum. Availability An opportunity not to be missed to savor the excellence of Cuban rum. In conclusion, Caney Añejo Centuria rum is much more than just a drink: it is a true ode to Cuban history, tradition and know-how. Whether you are a seasoned rum lover or simply looking for a unique taste experience, the Caney Añejo Centuria will seduce you and transport you to the heart of the island of Cuba.

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  • Dance School | Passion Varadero

    Danse École de Danse Dos Con Dos ​ (418) 932-8666 Voir la page du partenaire

  • Tattoo artist | Passion Varadero

    Tatoueur King Tattoo Tatoueur Professionel Rabais sur tatouage Matanzas, Cuba +53 5 3289200 Voir la page partenaire Tatoueur Tattoo Enrique Colina Tatouages ​​de 1 à 3 pouces seulement pour 25$ et donner à chaque client le médicament pour le soin de son tatouage prix régulier qui est de 35$ - 48 Rue entre 3ieme et 4ieme Avenue Rabais sur tatouage 48 Rue entre 3ieme et 4ieme Avenue +53 54186406 Voir la page partenaire Tatoueur Ariel Pacheco Tatoueur Professionel Rabais sur tatouage Calle 58, # 212 entre 2da y 3ra varadero +53 54716968 Voir la page partenaire Tatoueur INKspiracion Shop de Tattoo a Santa-Marta Rabais sur tatouage Calle Libertad No 952 Apto Santa-Marta +53 5 8207237 +53 53389382 +53 59251535 Voir la page partenaire

  • Table of Partners | Passion Varadero

    Catégorie Effacer Locate partners on a map Title Telephone Categorie Addel +53 53982086 Taxi Antonio Montano +53 52772559 Guide Ariel Pacheco +53 54716968 Tatoueur Asiel RS Barber 55430635 Massage | Coiffure Bar Benny +53 45 61 3787 Restaurant | Bar Bar Catalejo +53 5 2916904 Restaurant | Bar Bar Marea +5372907692 Restaurant | Bar Boris Luis +53 53091883 Taxi Carlos Gálvez '+5358688276 Taxi Carlos Reniel Suárez Paz '+5353522844 Taxi Casa Magda et Gilber (53)45611672 - (53)52442328 Casa Casa Miglis 53 5 2827353 Restaurant | Bar Catalejo Piano bar +53 5 2916904 Restaurant | Bar Chester Gutiérrez Photographe Dairon +53 53521209 Taxi Don Alex +53 45 613207 Restaurant | Bar Eddy Garcia + 53 53513013 Taxi El Bodegon del Gordo +53 5 3383257 Restaurant | Bar El Criollo +45 66 9177 Restaurant | Bar El Cubanisimo +53 45 619344 Restaurant | Bar El Marino +53 45 261483 Restaurant | Bar El Toro Steak House +53 45 667145 Restaurant | Bar Eric Yoel Dartayet Sanchez +53 52580355 Taxi Erik León '+53 55206000 Taxi Heidi Pérez Barrueta (+53) 53380443 Guide Hostal La Colina +53 52440852 +53 45614045 +53 53803783 Casa Hostal Ojeda Varadero +53 5 3990001 Casa INKspiracion +53 5 8207237 +53 53389382 +53 59251535 Tatoueur Joan +53 53694740 Taxi Joel Alfonso García '+53 52838461 Taxi Juan Manuel Rodriguez +53 53208921 Taxi Julio Cesar Rodríguez Perera +53 53763354 Guide Julio cesar bueno '+53 58112368 Taxi King Tattoo +53 5 3289200 Tatoueur La Rampa +53 53699152 Restaurant | Bar La Vaca Rosada +45612307 Restaurant | Bar Massage ileana Massage | Coiffure Maykel Campes Taxi Michel Erbello +53 526211141 Taxi Nai's Bar & Restaurant +53 5 2820096 Restaurant | Bar Niurka Rabelo +53 52810054 Taxi Omar +53 52481387 Taxi Oreste Raúl Rodríguez '+53 54893196 Taxi Orevis Cobas +53 5863268 Taxi Osvany Alfonso '+53 52619336 Taxi Paladar Nonna Tina +53 5 8117415 Restaurant | Bar Restaurant Hostal Boulevard +53 45 631043 Restaurant | Bar Roger Doeste Oliver +53 52789626 Taxi Tattoo Enrique Colina +53 54186406 Tatoueur Tomas Jesús +53 54265176 Taxi Varadero 60 +53 5 5721414 Restaurant | Bar Villa Diane Andre +53 53873072 Guide Villa Diane Andre +53 53873072 Casa Villa Gabriela Dream Place 52441271 Casa Yandys +53 52445840 Taxi Yasmany Estupiñan +53 54175032 Taxi Yenny Perez Pino - Unicorn Cuba Tours +53 54171636 Guide Yoel Rubi +53 52393666 Taxi Yunier Zamora '+53 52620980 Taxi Yuri Alvarez Martinez +53 53759569 Guide Yurielis Gonzalez +53 53044561 Massage | Coiffure École de Danse Dos Con Dos (418) 932-8666 Danse Voir plus

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