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Visit the American military base at Guantanamo in Cuba? No, that's not possible

An American military base in Cuba? Yes !

We regularly hear about Guantanamo in the news so people were wondering if it was possible to visit this American base. As it is active, this is not possible. And it’s very far from Varadero! Visit the American military base at Guantanamo in Cuba?

A singular anecdote concludes this story: the only McDonald's restaurant found in Cuba is established on this military base.

A curious fact lies in the history of this enclave. Before the Revolution of 1959, many residents of the neighboring village of Caimanera worked there for the Americans.

Their contracts were respected after this pivotal year, and they were the only Cubans to cross the border daily to work, until the last one retired.

Since then, no Cuban has crossed this border.

According to the amendment signed by both parties in 1902, the only way to end the American presence in this Cuban territory would be by mutual consent.

However, the American side does not seem ready to leave the enclave for strategic reasons. Guantanamo Bay is considered a hub of the Caribbean, coveted and occupied by the English in the 17th century, before being vigorously chased out by the Spanish.

Since the triumph of Fidel Castro, the money paid for the right to occupy the territory has never been touched again, leaving this matter in an apparent impasse.

Visit the American military base at Guantanamo

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