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The Chain of Kindness or stories of how our medicine donations reach Varadero

All avenues are good so that we can help our friends in Cuba and so that they can receive the medicines, foodstuffs and other products that they so need at this time.

Thank you to all the members who shared in our group and who made the writing of this article possible as well as to all the people who help us with donations!

It is important to note that we help everyone, regardless of their political allegiance, religion or otherwise. We do everything we can to help people in need, without judgment.

Transport them or have them transported

Transport them

You must respect the weight of the checked suitcase imposed by the air carrier, but cabin baggage (a small suitcase and a bag for example) is not weighed so you can place a lot of medicines there (be careful of the syrups that come into the bag). the limits on the quantities of liquids however) and various products. You must be able to place them without help in the compartment above the seat or under the seat in front of you.

Remember to clearly identify medications if you divide them. We even have Spanish translations for several on our website. All you have to do is search for the word “Medicine”. It is best to divide them once you arrive in Varadero so that the containers remain unopened and Cuban customs officers can verify that they are indeed legal medications. You can prepare and print labels in advance to make your life easier and place them on the small bottles or “Ziploc” type bags that you bring. The essential information to enter is the name of the drug or molecule, the dosage (X mg), for children or adults, and the dosage (no more than X tablets per 6 hours for example).

Have them transported

If you don't leave in the next few months, you can still help. Make sure you are completely comfortable with your choices though.

Some members will ask other members in the group if they can help them by carrying a cell phone, medication or something else.

World travel authorities recommend never agreeing to carry packages or items that you have not purchased or packed yourself.

It is sometimes very difficult to verify what can be found inside the case or files of a cell phone, that the tablets in the boxes of "Tylenol" are indeed what they appear to be. Passion Varadero therefore does not encourage this practice, but we understand that it remains a personal decision. And we also can't handle special cases like: "We had arranged to meet but the member didn't show up and my friends won't be able to receive what I promised them on time!! !”

Helping through Passion Varadero

Passion Varadero was also the subject of a report on local television!

We also donate to orphanages (Cardenas and Matanzas). It should be noted that in such cases, representatives of these institutions and Pedro must sign official documents to specify what has been received to avoid any problems, for both parties. We are also developing a project to help them even more, but it is a “to be continued” for the moment.

Can we guarantee that no donations will end up on the black market?

Of course not ! But we prefer to help as many people as possible, hoping that they will be honest, that they will share or barter with their family if necessary. And what might end up on the market and be bought will be because the people who are going to buy them could afford it and the people who sold them will be able to use the CUPs for purposes even more important to them.


A little Tylenol can go a long way and make a world of difference! ;-)

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