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New tourist activity zone - Associated with the future Ola hotel - Varadero entrance

These facilities are associated with the hotel complex under construction (Ola 1 and Ola 2), in the Oasis area located just before the bridge that one crosses to enter Varadero when arriving from the airport. It has been several years since work on the hotel complex began, but it seems that they are progressing slowly but surely. See this article to learn more about this project and don't miss the video at the end of the article.


The open area

The two hotels are not yet open (as of January 19, 2022) but an activity zone described as “extra-hotel” was inaugurated on January 15. There are various facilities including restaurants and an amusement area for children.

Here are the photos shared by one of our members, Enrique Colina, dated January 19, 2022. Thank you Enrique! All that's missing is the name of the restaurant where he ate. ;-)

I then placed the information shared by Pedro including images taken on the evening of January 19.

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