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I am vegetarian, will I be able to satisfy myself in Varadero?

Photo shared by Amine Amr taken at Roc Barlovento

Yes, but…I am vegetarian will I be able to satisfy myself

Members who are vegetarians have confirmed to us that they are able to eat well in Varadero. Between salads, cooked vegetables (especially potatoes and beans), legumes, pasta and eggs, they manage to get by. But the fewer stars the hotel has (usually), the less choice there is.

What you need to know is that Cuba devotes large areas to the cultivation of tobacco, coffee and sugar cane, commodities which allow them to make exports.

They therefore have to import a lot of foodstuffs, including vegetables and fruits, and the American embargo makes life very difficult for them in terms of supplies.

And what’s more…

A few tips, especially if you are traveling with vegetarian children

These suggestions mainly concern tourists who go to hotels of 3.5 stars and less.

  • There is often a lack of pepper on the tables at buffets. It might be a good idea to bring some to be able to spice up certain bland dishes, such as sometimes pasta dishes. Members even bring their own spices.

  • If your children are ketchup “fans”, it might be a good idea to bring some with you. There are sometimes and sometimes not…

  • Another suggestion that is often made is to bring “seeds” (peanuts, sunflower, etc.) and granola bars as snacks.

  • Small fruit snacks (compotes or others) can sometimes help.

  • What is important to remember is that Varadero's grocery stores are far from being like our supermarkets. What can easily be found here is sometimes impossible to find there. So prevention is better than cure!

7 typical Cuban fruits to discover

I am a vegetarian will I be able to satisfy myself

If you are vegetarian, you may want to discover new fruits that can be found in Cuba. This article should interest you:

Enjoy your food !

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