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Hotels that DO NOT HAVE DIRECT ACCESS to the beach

This photo clearly shows that Varadero beach extends all along the peninsula. The vast majority of hotels have direct access to it.

Here are the ones that don't have it and for which you have to cross Avenida Primera to get there. It's only a 5-10 minute walk, but some people prefer really direct access.

There are also other hotels that are not sold as all-inclusive by our Canadian tour operators, such as the Pullman (yes there is a Pullman hotel in Varadero too but it is very different from the one in Cayo Coco!).

  • Mar del Sur

  • Palma Real

  • Sunbeach

  • Acuazul Verazul

  • Las Palmas section of Cuatro Palmas (Cuatro Palmas is directly on the beach but the Las Palmas section requires crossing Avenida Primera to get to the beach)

Not offered by Canadian all-inclusive tour operators:

  • Hostal Boulevard Varadero

  • Pullman Varadero

  • Dos Marest

It seems that from Melia Marina Varadero you also have to walk a certain distance to reach the beach but that the journey is very reasonable and safe.

Some members will also tell you that resorts that are very large can sometimes require more walking than those that are located downtown but not directly on the beach. ;-)


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