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Drink or eat... in the heights of Varadero!

View of the Eclipse nightclub at the top of the Sunbeach hotel - Free access during the day

Not much “height” in Varadero!

The photo at the top of this article clearly shows you how few tall buildings there are in Varadero and the only one that seems accessible to the general public would be the Sunbeach.

There are a few places where you can drink or eat on a terrace, but rarely more than on the second or third floor.

The Eclipse on top of the Sunbeach Hotel

From 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., access is free. A perfect place to enjoy an exceptional view of Varadero.

There is a panoramic bus stop nearby because it is located near the large craft market.

Xanadu Mansion

Located on the Varadero golf course and not far from the Mélia Las Americas hotel, this small hotel is the former residence of the American millionaire Irene Dupont de Nemours. Visitors can enter free of charge to visit but will of course have to pay for their meal at the restaurant (with a very beautiful view of the sea) or at the small bar located at the top. It's almost an adventure to get to this bar: very narrow staircase in the last portion or tiny elevator. But it's worth it, believe me!

The panoramic bus goes to the Xanadu Mansion but you must tell the driver that you want to stop there.

Restaurant Vaca Rosada

This restaurant offers a lovely roof terrace. The owner comes regularly to Quebec and speaks French very well according to our members.

See also the article on this restaurant on our site:

Wacos Restaurant

This restaurant is located near the Palma Real hotel, but not directly on Primera Avenida (main street of Varadero).

It offers a terrace on the second floor.

Casa de Al (Al for Al Capone, the American gangster)

This restaurant is located quite far from the city center. Entering Varadero over the bridge from Santa Marta, turn left onto Avenida Kawana. You have to pass the Villa Tortuga and Club Kawana hotels to get there. The scenic bus no longer goes there, so you have to walk from the terminal (about 15 to 20 minutes) or take another means of transportation.

There is a terrace that overlooks the beach for a drink, but the restaurant also offers beautiful sea views in the room on the second floor. We went mid-afternoon and were able to tour the entire building between lunch and evening services. And in December, there is a man who feeds the pelicans in front of the restaurant. It's a spectacle in itself!

To learn more about Al Capone's "presence" in Varedero:

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