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Yay, I'm leaving for Varadero! But where will I park my car?

Yay, we're going to Varadero! But where are we going to park the car?

Yes, before taking the plane to Varadero, you have to go to the airport. Depending on the city you are leaving from and where you live, a taxi or a public shuttle can be interesting solutions. And if the departure is not in the early hours of the morning, a family member or friend will often agree to come and drive us back, especially if you don't live far away.

Yay I'm leaving for Varadero

These private shuttle services might also interest you: /

There is a similar service in Mauricie for transport to Montreal and Quebec airports:

But for those who live far from the airport, driving there is often the most convenient and economical option.

Park without sleeping overnight near the airport

Of course, airports offer long-term parking areas. However, it is very expensive.

Here are two slightly cheaper options according to our members:

There are different possibilities and prices. In winter, many opt for the “valet” service to take possession of their snow-cleared and warm car!

Another resource shared by one of our members:

And for Quebec (check if they have reopened):

***** New location **** NOW directly on the grounds of YQB AIRPORT LESS than 1 KM from the TERMINAL gates.

---300 PARKING SPACES AVAILABLE, fully fenced and blocked. ---Always the same shuttle service in our new 12-passenger Ford Transit. ---Parking and 24-hour shuttle service to the Jean Lesage Quebec international airport. ---Parking monitored by camera system and staff on site 24/7 ---Very advantageous price $8 per day. ---Startup insurance $5 ---VIP parking $12 per day. ---Take advantage of our COMBO Overnight stay and Parking or simply rent parking.

How it works: Come and bring your car to us either at the M Motel & Suites parking lot located at 7089 boulevard Wilfrid Hamel, 5 minutes (2km) from the airport where it will be parked securely for the duration of your trip OR directly at our parking lot at Quebec YQB international airport. In both cases, our shuttle service will take you back to the airport and pick you up when you return.

You can also book online at The shuttle is available every 15 minutes to serve you 24 hours a day.

Treat yourself to a night at the hotel before departure

For some, this option is sometimes essential due to the distance (they live in another city for example) or the departure time of the flight.

Some hotels offer free parking with shuttle service. The room sometimes costs a little more, but our members say it's worth it. Be sure to check the shuttle operating hours though. If your flight is at 2 a.m. and the shuttle service ends at midnight, you won't be a winner!

Here are two in Montreal and one in Quebec.

Do you know of any other options?

Come share them with us! It’s the shares from all the members that help us enjoy our trips to Varadero even more!

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