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VIP Lounge at Varadero Airport

It's not the equivalent of our VIP lounges in major international airports, let's admit it, but it's still good.

tested in November 2021. purchased at a cost of 40 US at the airport, but it is also possible to purchase it from your tour operator's representative at the hotel. When you go to the airport reception desk, you will be directed to someone who will take care of you.

This area offers comfortable furnishings, free service of drinks (alcoholic or not) and food (it seems that the offer varies depending on the time - less abundant in the evening), quality air conditioning, a small closed smoking room and well ventilated so as not to inconvenience other customers and... very clean toilets.

It is possible to have access to the different shops on the second floor to make purchases and then return to the lounge.

I bought it because I thought my flight was going to be delayed and... because I wanted to test it, I admit. As my flight was not delayed in the end, I found that it was a bit expensive for me for 45 minutes, an OK sandwich and a glass of wine. But yes, I appreciated being able to use the smoker. ;-)

Photos - Thanks to David Gauthier, Edith Gaudreault Dominic Evans

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VIP Lounge smoking room

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