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The best excursions to do from Varadero, Cuba

1. Havana Tour

Havana, the bustling capital of Cuba, is a city rich in history, culture and architecture. A guided tour of the Old Town will take you through cobblestone streets lined with colorful buildings dating back to the Spanish colonial era. You can admire iconic sites such as Plaza Vieja, Plaza de la Catedral and the famous Malecón, a waterfront promenade with magnificent views of Havana Bay. You'll also have the opportunity to visit fascinating museums, taste authentic Cuban cuisine at local restaurants, and explore the city's vibrant neighborhoods.

2. Adventure in the Varahicacos Natural Park

The Varahicacos Natural Park is a preserved natural sanctuary located near Varadero. This tour offers visitors the opportunity to discover Cuba's unique biodiversity by exploring hiking trails through varied landscapes, such as mangrove forests, limestone caves and spectacular rock formations. You can also swim in refreshing natural pools and observe a variety of endemic birds, reptiles and plants.

3. Cayo Blanco Boat Trip

Cayo Blanco is an idyllic tropical island located off the coast of Varadero. The boat trip to Cayo Blanco offers visitors the opportunity to enjoy a relaxing day on pristine white sand beaches, swim in crystal clear waters and indulge in water activities such as snorkeling and snorkel to discover the colorful marine life of the surrounding coral reefs. A fresh seafood lunch is typically included in the excursion, providing participants with a typical Cuban dining experience.

4. Exploring the city of Cárdenas

Cárdenas is a historic town located near Varadero, known for its well-preserved colonial architecture and authentic provincial atmosphere. Exploring the city of Cárdenas includes a guided walking tour through its cobblestone streets, allowing visitors to discover historic sites such as the Plaza de la Independencia, the San Juan Bautista Parish Church, and the Municipal Museum, which houses a collection of artifacts chronicling the history of the city and surrounding region.

5. Excursion to the Zapata Biosphere Reserve

The Zapata Biosphere Reserve is one of Cuba's most important natural areas, offering remarkable biodiversity and spectacular landscapes. This tour includes a variety of activities such as hikes through swamps and rainforests, visits to pre-Columbian archaeological sites, bird watching in wetlands, and opportunities for snorkeling or scuba diving to explore coral reefs. Visitors will also have the chance to learn about the reserve's conservation efforts and its ecological significance.


The best excursions to do from Varadero


We are proud to introduce you to the experienced guides who are ready to take you on an unforgettable adventure through the wonders of this sunny island.

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  • Security and Reliability: Your security is a top priority. The experienced guides are trained to handle all situations and will ensure that your trip goes safely and smoothly.

  • Flexibility and Adaptability: Whether you're interested in a guided tour of historic sites, a wilderness adventure, or a deep dive into Cuban culture, the guides are flexible and adapt to your preferences to provide you with a tailor-made experience.


  • Cultural Tours: Explore historic cities, fascinating museums and local communities for a full immersion in the rich Cuban culture.

  • Outdoor Adventures: Discover Cuba's natural beauty while hiking in the mountains, horseback riding on white sand beaches and scuba diving in spectacular coral reefs.

  • Authentic Gastronomy: Savor delicious Cuban cuisine at local restaurants recommended by our guides, and discover the secrets of preparing traditional Cuban dishes during interactive cooking classes.

  • Local Meetings: Meet talented artisans, passionate musicians and friendly locals who will welcome you with open arms into their community.


Don't miss the opportunity to discover Cuba in a new light with experienced Cuban guides. Book your guided tour today at and prepare to experience magical moments and lasting memories in this tropical paradise.


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