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To haggle or not in Varadero's craft markets?

Haggling is often a question of culture

In Canada and Europe, we are used to official, well-marked and… firm prices. No one would think of trying to negotiate the price of a decorative item at Walmart or in Ricardo's stores! In Morocco on the other hand, especially in the souks, it is an obligatory rite which precedes any good transaction.

And in Varadero, is it correct or not?

Here are our members' comments on this subject. On trading in the markets in Varadero.

Member 2 – Please remember that many people in the markets work for another businessman and they only make a percentage of what they sell. Sometimes it's better to get a good deal than to get a great deal on an item. I notice some people on the price of the item.knowing you want to barter with them. It can be fun. Just my thoughts. Have a good trip !! (Automatic translation by Google)

Member 3 – I don’t always haggle. If I see that the price is already good, I pay the asking price.

Member 4 – They are quite flexible.

Member 6 – I negotiate for form. I bought a belt in Varadero because they are very good quality. I gave a peso more than the asking price, he adjusted it to my size and he was very happy!!!!!!!!!!!!

In short, it remains a personal choice

Personally, I negotiate a little sometimes, but especially for small objects that can be produced in a less artisanal way, such as key rings. But I would be quite uncomfortable doing the same thing for a painting or sculpture that seemed truly artisanal and of quality. I think it's really up to each person to determine their comfort level and decide whether or not they want to haggle.

An article that might interest you

This article is not directly linked to Varadero and it is published on a French site, but I still found it very interesting:

One sentence particularly caught my attention in this article and I believe it is relevant for all the countries we visit: “A mistake not to make, however: haggle for a long time for a product that does not interest you from the start, the seller will have the "I feel like you've wasted his time."

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