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Sites that offer “tips” to travel better (luggage, plane, etc.)

Lots of useful tips and tricks!

An example ?

Place some pieces of your clothing in your traveling partner's suitcase.

A suitcase gets lost so easily when traveling by plane. If you're traveling as a couple, slip some clothes into each other's suitcase and vice versa. If you lose a suitcase, you will be in much less trouble. If you are alone, you might want to keep a spare set with you in your bag or in the cabin.

Here is a selection of sites:

The 100 best travel tips

50 tips for packing your suitcase

  • I particularly liked suggestions 18, 24 and 48.

Leave for 14 days with just one cabin baggage

50 very useful tips for optimizing your packing

My 30 tips and tricks learned while traveling

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