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Antonio Montano - Private guide (Havana and other destinations)

Some comments from our members

"I made my visit to Havana in May 2019 withAntonio Montano , very nice visit he took the time to explain the places we were visiting and he showed us the most popular places in Havana. He is always smiling and he is a little trick player, he is a bon vivant and I highly recommend him." - Claude Pepin

Antonio , the best in the west!” - Steve Théberge

"You can trust that he's a good guide. I knew him when he was an entertainer at Club Tropical a couple of years ago. Very kind too. I recommend him." - Yvette Thibault Blanchette

Who is Antonio?

I studied at the University of Matanzas with a degree in tourism, I also have a master's degree in Cuban history. I speak Spanish, English, French and Italian.

I have been working as a guide since 2016.

Antonio and his princess

Its services and prices

I regularly make excursions to Havana

The price for Havana is 140 CUC for 2 to 4 people. For a group of up to 7 people this amounts to 35 CUC per person.

Prices for guided tours in Matanzas in more modern cars are 110 CUC for 2 to 4 people and it may be negotiable if there are more travelers.

Antonio is a certified diver and can also help you if this activity interests you.

Contact details

You can reach me by the following means:

Telephones: 53 52772559 mobile

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