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  • Can we rent bicycles in Varadero?
    Unlike many other destinations, it is not easy to find bicycles to rent in Varadero. It is easier to find scooters than bicycles! In January 2019, the price was 5 CUC per hour and 15 CUC for a day. You must present an identity document. We're sure there's a place to rent one in front of the Barcelo Solymar, but that's the only one we know of at the moment.
  • What are the most popular excursions in Varadero?
    There are many excursions offered and you can find their description on the website of your tour operator. Among the most popular are, of course, Havana, the Cayo Blanco catamaran excursion, the Jeep Safari and the Sugar Tour (sugar cane). There are also excursions to other cities such as Trinidad and to the Bay of Pigs which is a very nice site for diving.
  • What are the main entertainment venues to visit at night in Varadero?
    The four most often mentioned are Calle 62, Havana Club (at the end of Calle 62), Comparsita (open-air nightclub on Calle 60) and of course, The Beatles (at the entrance to the Josone Park). There is also the Cueva de los Piratas, the Eclipse at the top of Sunbeach and other discotheques in hotels open to the general public. Without forgetting the Casa de la Musica (near Los Delfines).
  • What could you do with young children if you don't want to spend the first few days entirely at the beach?
    Most hotels have “mini clubs” with indoor spaces where entertainment is offered. Otherwise, you can enjoy a ride on the panoramic bus (5 CUC for adults and free for children 6 and under) or take advantage of the indoor playrooms like the Ocio and the one at the end of the peninsula near the marina. There is also an amusement park that offers both outdoor and indoor spaces, the Todo en Uno.
  • Is it possible to snorkel from a hotel beach in Vardero to see fish?
    Yes, but the variety of fish to see is very limited. You have to opt for the trip in a mini catamaran (Hobbie Cat) from your hotel with a cost of 20 CUC per person to go to a reef where diving is more interesting. Two other often suggested dive spots are Playa Coral (near Varadero) and Bay of Pigs (about 2 hours drive from Varadero).
  • What are the interesting souvenirs to bring back from Varadero?
    Of course, rum and cigars! Honey is often also offered by our members since it is delicious according to them. For handicrafts, it is quite difficult to find really interesting pieces except for some woodwork and paintings. Make sure you get a customs bill when you make these purchases!
  • Can I borrow snorkel masks from my hotel?
    Usually, yes. But these are not new generation masks!
  • Where can I find a “paper” tourist map of Varadero?
    It seems that Air Canada Vacations is giving one on arrival for its travellers. For my part, I bought one at the post office located in Plaza America. A member told us that she found one in one of the offices of Cuban tourist agencies.
  • I'm going to town with my children. Is it easy to find ice cream cones there?
    No! There are few places where you can get it. And there may be some at one time and none at all the next day. On the other hand, there are many places where you can get ice cream bars (Nestlé and others).
  • Is it true that there is now a craft brewery in Varadero?
    Yes! La Factoria Varadaro (corner Avenida Playa and Calle 43). The tanks come from the Netherlands, the operations and the ownership would be assumed by Austrians and the management is under the responsibility of Cubans.
  • Is it possible to play golf in Varadero?
    Yes, there is a golf course not far from the city center. Some hotels offer packages that include golf.
  • If he can all day, what can I do in Varadero?"
    You can visit the shops of Plaza America (near the Golf Club), enjoy the games rooms (bowling, video games, etc.) which are near the Marina at the end of the peninsula, at the Centro comercial Hicacos (corner Avenida Primera and Calle 44) and the To en Uno amusement park (corner Calle 52 and Avenida Tercera) or take the opportunity to go to the lobby of your hotel and meet travelers from all over worldwide ! At worst, there is still the television which offers you channels from all over the world.
  • Are there cultural and sporting activities during the year?
    There is the Summer Festival, sports tournaments, music shows and many more. Consult the "articles" section to discover them.
  • I go to such a hotel. Do you have any specific rooms to recommend to me?
    Members have generously shared about it. See these two articles:
  • Wi-Fi at the hotel?
    In most hotels, Wi-Fi is available in the lobby and is chargeable. The quality of the connection may leave something to be desired. This is Cuba. You have to buy NAUTA cards, always at the cost of 1 CUC for one hour. In recent years, hotels have begun to offer it in the rooms. It is mainly the recently built hotels that do this. The Ocean Vista Azul offers Wifi in the rooms at a cost of 1 CUC for 60 minutes. The Sanctuary at Gran Memories too and it would be free. It is important to remember to log out at the end of each session so that you can use the remaining minutes later. Note that NAUTA Internet cards are valid for 30 days following the first connection. They also have an expiry date (indicated on the back), always check that this date is not too close when you buy the card.
  • Which hotels have a bar directly in the swimming pool?
    Palma Real, Memories, Gran Memories, Paradisius Princesa del Mar, Mélia Las Americas, Ocean El Patriarca, Mélia Peninsula, Royalton Hicacos, Bella Vista, Ocean Vista Azul, Laguna Azul, Sol Sirenas Coral, Be Live Experience Varadero, Be Live Experience Tuxpan and Roc Arenas Doradas.
  • If I am unhappy with my hotel in Varadero, can I request a change?
    Yes, you can talk to your tour operator representative to do this. However, there may be a fee if the other establishment is more expensive.
  • What is the difference between “swim out” and “swim up” when talking about hotels in the South?
    A room is said to be "swim out" if it allows direct access to a swimming pool (private or public) by opening the patio door of its room. A bar is called "swim up" if you can sit there while you're in the pool to get a drink.
  • Are there any hotels that offer facilities for people with reduced mobility?
    Yes. Consult the information available in the "Articles" section (You can use the search tool (the magnifying glass) that you will find at the top right of the section).
  • Is the new Melia Internacional Varadero (rebuilt on the site of the former International Hotel) now open?
    The opening took place at the beginning of March, but the hotel will not be fully functional until the beginning of autumn according to several reliable sources.
  • What is the most recently opened hotel in Varadero?
    The Mélia Internacional Varadero was inaugurated in March 2019. The opening is still partial in April 2019. Built on the site of the former International Hotel, it is very big and… very expensive.
  • Are there 4.5 and 5 star hotels in the city of Varadero?
    There is none. The brand new Mélia Internacional Varadero is a 4.5 star and it is located very close to the city.
  • I would like to know if any weather disturbances are announced during my stay in Varadero. Where can I inquire?
    The National Hurricane Center ( ) is the reference! They publish 5-day forecasts, but make it clear that at more than 48 hours, they are not completely reliable. You can also join this group that tracks everything during hurricane season (June 1 to November 30):
  • "THE" question: what will the weather be like in Varadero?
    Varadero, like most of Cuba, enjoys a tropical climate. Average temperatures range from 22°C in January and February to 33°C in August. The thermometer rarely drops below 10°C. Precipitation is heaviest in June and October, and least from December to April. The average annual total is 1,200 mm.
  • When is hurricane season in Varadero?
    Officially, it begins on June 1 (May 15 for the Eastern North Pacific) and ends on November 30. The best source for information is the National Hurricane Center: It is recommended that you get good travel cancellation insurance if you are traveling during this period, especially from late August to the end of November. For people who want to know a little more about the risks associated with different disruptions, you can join the website
  • Sanitary measures implemented on planes
    Wearing a mask NOT mandatory
  • Add insurance
    Travel insurance is essential. It will protect you, depending on the protection chosen, from a possible cancellation or interruption of your trip, loss or damage to luggage and personal effects. It could also cover costs in the event of an injury at destination. Make sure you have adequate coverage at all times. If in doubt, consult one of our advisers. Whether you book online, in an agency or by phone, it is possible to easily take out travel insurance during the booking process.
  • What can I bring to eat or drink on the plane?
    Liquids It is not possible to pass the security checks with bottles of water or any other liquid. They must be emptied, but you can fill them once you have passed these checks or buy them in the "international" area. It is also possible to buy soft drinks and bottles of alcohol in the shops located after the security checks. In December 2018, someone at the counter in front of me at a duty free shop asked the attendant how many bottles of wine she could take to Varadero. After checking in her reference notebook, she replied that there was no limit. Food For our part, we always bring sandwiches (ham and cheese) and granola bars in our hand luggage. We never had as much trouble going through the security checks in Quebec as when arriving in Varadero (if we hadn't already eaten them all!). We do know that the Cuban authorities could force us to throw them away, but that hasn't happened yet. You can also buy sandwiches from the kiosks located after the security area.
  • Boarding airplanes in Canada
    Mandatory vaccination to board If you are 12 years of age plus four months or older, you will need to be fully immunized to board an aircraft for a domestic or international flight departing from a Canadian airport, including charter flights and foreign air carriers carrying commercial passengers. To be ready to board To board a plane or train, if you are 12 years and 4 months or older, you must: Be fully vaccinated with an accepted vaccine; Be prepared at all times during your trip to show your official proof of vaccination; Have received your second dose at least 15 calendar days before the day of your departure; Have no signs or symptoms of COVID 19; Wear a mask. COVID-19 screening tests: If you are fully immunized, you do not need to be tested for COVID-19 to board a plane or train in Canada, unless you are flying to a country that requires it. If you fail to provide proof of vaccination (or a valid COVID-19 test result if you have an exemption from your carrier), you will not be permitted to travel and may face penalties. penalties or fines. Vaccination is required for travel within and outside of Canada. A valid COVID-19 molecular test will no longer be accepted as an alternative to vaccination unless you qualify for one of the limited exemptions. Provide proof of vaccination Proof of Canadian COVID-19 vaccination is a reliable way for Canadians to show their COVID-19 vaccination history when travelling. It contains all the information necessary for national and international travel. If you plan to show your proof of vaccination from your phone, we recommend that you have backup paper proof while traveling in case of difficulty (e.g. your device loses power) . Travelling with unvaccinated children Unvaccinated children under 12 years and 4 months of age do not need to be tested for COVID-19 to travel within Canada or to leave Canada. International destination requirements may be different. Traveling positive for COVID-19 If you currently have COVID-19, you are not allowed to travel by plane. All travelers boarding an aircraft should be free of any signs or symptoms consistent with COVID-19. Travel after having COVID-19 All travelers 5 years and older must provide proof of a negative result from an acceptable molecular test upon arrival in Canada. If you have had COVID-19 in the past and have recovered, you can provide proof of a positive molecular test result for COVID-19 when crossing the border, instead of a negative result . The test must have been carried out at least 10 and at most 180 days before the departure time originally scheduled for the departure of your flight.
  • Is it true that I could be asked for proof of health insurance (in addition to our sun card for Quebec) when I arrive in Varadero?
    Yes, but in fact it seems to be extremely rare. Most travelers ensure they have one either by purchasing it separately or having it included in their insurance coverage with their employer or with the credit card with which they purchased the package.< /p>
  • Is there still an exit tax that I have to pay at the airport upon departure?
    No, it is now included in the package price, at least for Canadians.
  • Can I travel to Varadero if I have a criminal record?
    Usually yes. The only risk is if your plane has to land in the United States in the event of a problem…
  • Can you drink the water in Varadero?
    The water in Cuba is drinkable, but it is advisable to drink filtered water (this is the case in restaurants and hotel bars) or bottled water. Our immune systems are not used to certain bacteria that can be found in water.
  • If I have a health problem, will I be well cared for in Varadero?"
    Health care is of excellent quality in Cuba. At least one member of the group had to be treated at a clinic on Calle 27 and had nothing but good comments. This is also where many members go to consult one of the dentists since the prices are cheaper than in Quebec. Others go get their glasses made at Optica Miramar which offer very good prices.
  • Is it true that there are sand fleas in Varadero?
    Yes, like everywhere there is sand in the South. Some make very strong reactions to their “bites” and others hardly any. A bit like with our Quebec mosquitoes. ;-) Be sure to read the advice on prevention (avoid lying on the sand, rinse off in the shower as soon as you return to the room, do not put your towels on your bed, etc.) and bring a Benadryl type anti-itch cream in case of problems.
  • I read a lot of health advice on this site and in the group, but can I trust it?"
    Some members who come to share have medical expertise. But each case is different and your doctor or a specialist in a travel clinic will be able to offer you advice adapted to YOUR situation.
  • Is there a Cuban bus service that allows travel between cities?
    Yes. Its name is Viazul and you can find information on their website:
  • If I go out into town and want to come back very late to my hotel which is further up the peninsula, what are my options?
    You will find them in this article: %A9e-in-town
  • When leaving the airport, how will I know which bus to take to get to my hotel?
    As soon as you leave the airport, you will find yourself in front of a multitude of people with signs to identify people or groups of travelers. You should be able to quickly identify the representative of your tour operator according to the posters they show you with their logo and colors: orange for Sunwing, blue for Air Transat and red for Air Canada. When you introduce yourself to the representative of your tour operator, he will tell you what the number of your bus is and on which row you will find it.
  • How does the double-decker sightseeing bus work?
    Varadero Hop-On Hop-Off Buses are open-top double-decker buses perfect for getting around Varadero on the cheap. The system is rather simple; you buy a ticket (5 CUC and free for children 6 and under) and you can hop on and off as many times as you want throughout the day. With no less than 45 stops in Varadero (from Calle 8 to the end of the peninsula), you can basically visit wherever you want. Stops are located near the most important tourist attractions, all Varadero hotels, Varadero Dolphinarium, Josone Park, etc. Every half hour a bus passes at each stop, there are three buses in constant rotation throughout the day. They run from 9 a.m. to 8 p.m. and sometimes in high season, 9 p.m. The lower deck is air conditioned and the upper deck is open air and perfect for the kids and seeing the sights! If you decide to sit at the top, choose the row behind the driver to avoid getting “whipped” by tree branches in town. And tie or take off your hat when the bus is traveling on the highway.
  • What is a coco taxi?
    It's a lovely little vehicle that's shaped a bit like an Easter egg or a coconut. You can't miss them with their yellow color. These are small scooters covered by a yellow cabin that can accommodate two or three passengers. Perfect for city trips, they are far from suitable for driving on the highway. It usually costs 10 CUC for a ride and is more difficult to negotiate the fare than with regular taxis.
  • I've heard it said that you have to be "wary" of offers made by horse-drawn carriage drivers. For what ?
    Unfortunately, it seems that some caléchiers tend to tell you a price when you ask them "How much is it?" » and then tell you at the end that it is a « per person » price. Make sure you agree with him, from the start, if it will cost you 10 CUC (for example) for your group of 4 people and not 40!
  • Can I decide to take private transportation from the airport to my hotel even if bus transportation is included in my package?
    Yes. But be sure to let your tour operator's representative know when you arrive at the airport so they won't be expecting you for nothing. If you don't, sometimes dozens of travelers (some of whom travel with young children) will suffer the inconvenience...
  • Do we need adapter or converter in varadero hotels
    Yes and no, yes if you use a flat iron, or blow dryer, for all other appliances it is not necessary
  • Where will I find the best rate to change my Canadian dollars to CUP (Cuban pesos)?
    It is forbidden to trade outside banks, but currently the best rates are trnasige in the street, bartender, lifgard, market. chip etc
  • To call from Cuba to Canada
    TO MAKE A PHONE CALL FROM CUBA TO CANADA From a landline (hard line): 119 + 1 + area code + phone number From a cell phone: Press +1 + area code + phone number
  • ATMs in Varadero?
    Yes, there are ATMs in Varadero! There aren't many (see below), but there are. Warning, if you want to withdraw money, make sure you choose CUC and not CUP! We see that at this counter, the CUPs are offered first. Members have told us that they have used their Desjardins debit card and that it worked. For credit cards, it is important that they are not issued by an American banking institution (not Capital One for example). It is important to notify your banking institution before your departure (I do it via the Internet for Desjardins) because your transaction may not be authorized otherwise. We also suggest using an ATM that is on the premises of a bank because if the machine "gobbles up" your card (it happens), you can recover it more easily. Also remember that transaction fees and US dollar conversion fees will be added. Where to find ticket offices in Varadero Here is a map to locate the counters - In summary, one at the Acuazul, two near Calle 36, one at the Hicacos shopping center (Calle 44), one between Calle 54 and Calle 55 and one at Plaza America.
  • Sargassum seaweed or not???
    There are none in Varadero
  • Can you travel with a breathing apparatus on the plane?
    Yes. Just follow the rules. “The Government of Canada, through its Canadian Air Transport Security Authority (CATSA), has issued a list of very practical recommendations to keep on hand. “Already, you should know that the two carry-on baggage limit does not apply to medical supplies and equipment. In addition, if your customers are traveling with any type of medical device, they are required to inform the agent when arriving at the control area and have the supporting medical documents on hand. For this purpose, CPAP and BiPAP respirators are permitted in carry-on baggage.”
  • Can we bring wine to Varadero?
    Wine in smaller hotels is not always very good. It is possible to find very decent South American wines in several shops. It is also possible to bring wine in the suitcase that goes in the hold and/or to buy it at the Duty Free at the airport when leaving your country of origin.
  • Can you find Canadian cigarettes in Varadero?
    No. Cuban cigarettes are cheap but not very popular (taste the cigar). However, there are brands like Dunhill, Holywood and Lucky Strike. A package sells for around 3 or 4 CUC and a box for between 13 and 20 CUC.
  • Is it true that I have to present my invoice to customs (at the airport in Cuba) if I bought an original painting?
    Yes, it's true! Be sure to get one when you purchase.
  • Is it true that tips are included in all-inclusives in Varadero?
    No! After checking with official sources, tips are not included. They are at the discretion of the traveler. Several people will also bring gifts, both for hotel staff and to share with residents. Due to the United States embargo, some products are very difficult or even impossible to find in Varadero even if Cubans have the money to pay for them.
  • Are there jellyfish, sharks and other "predators" in Varadero?"
    Sea creatures know no boundaries. ;-) It is extremely rare for sharks to approach the beaches of Varadero, fortunately. Sometimes there are jellyfish in the water or washed up on the beach, but that's especially after days of high winds.
  • It seems that tattoo artists in Varaderon have a good reputation. Is it true ?
    Several members shared very beautiful photos of their tattoos (see articles section) that they had done in Varadero and said they were very satisfied. Some regulars even bring them equipment. As with everywhere else, it is recommended to ensure that the tattoo artist uses disposable equipment and that he carries out the disinfection operations in front of you.
  • Is it true that the "anti-drug" dogs at the airport can smell cannabis even if I don't have any in my suitcase?
    Yes, if your suitcase “smells” of cannabis, they will. You will then probably be asked to follow a customs officer who will search your suitcase and your personal effects.
  • Do the hotel staff in Varadero speak French or English?
    At the Reception of the hotels, you will surely find staff who speak English and probably at least one person who speaks French. Several staff members who are in direct contact with tourists are able to understand and say a few words in several languages. If you don't speak English or Spanish, you'll probably want to download a machine translation app on your smart phone.
  • Do I absolutely have to attend the information meeting offered by my tour operator when I arrive in Varadero?
    If this is your first time in Varadero, I highly recommend it. You will collect a lot of information on a wide variety of subjects, whether it is excursions, hotel activities and above all, information for the return. If you are a regular, you will want to note the contact details of the representative that are on the invitation and locate the tour operator's notebook at the Hotel Reception.
  • The hotel reception indicates that the "check out" is at noon but the hotel representative tells us that we must leave our room at 10 am. For what?
    The check-out time displayed at the reception of a hotel is the maximum time at which a customer must leave his room (unless paying a supplement for example if his flight is late in evening). However, if your plane leaves Varadero at 2 p.m. (for example), the bus will pick you up much earlier. He will have to stop picking up travelers from other hotels, get to the airport and give you time to go through all the steps before boarding.
  • If I'm a vegetarian, will I be able to eat well in Varadero?"
    Yes. All buffets and restaurants offer dishes of legumes, vegetables and fruits. Your choice may be more limited, but you will eat your fill!
  • I went to Varadero at such a time and some fruits and vegetables were rarely available at my hotel buffet. For what ?
    As with our more northern countries, Cuba has its seasons that influence harvests. Some fruits and vegetables are easier to find at certain times of the year and can be almost impossible to find at other times. Unlike many other countries, they cannot always import these foodstuffs because of the American embargo. Hotels are always favored for supplies, but some fruits and vegetables may be scarce at times.
  • Is it true that I have to bring my jams, my Nutella, my peanut butter (peanut butter), my pepper, my spices and my ketchup to Varadero?"
    If you or your children cannot do without it, it is better to bring it. It is often difficult to find peanut butter in Paris, so you can imagine that it is even more difficult in Varadero! But if you are ready to discover the flavors of Varadero, you might be pleasantly surprised!
  • Is it true that I will have to get up at 6 a.m. to reserve a chair under a palapa
    Fortunately, this is not the case for all hotels! But yes, it can happen… Some people will “reserve” chairs at the beach AND at the pool to be sure to enjoy them when it suits them… Unless they have a good reason to do so (problem of allergy to the sun, young children who we want to protect from the sun, etc.), this behavior is often reported to hotel staff who will then be able to intervene with people who abuse.
  • Is the VIP lounge from the airport worth the investment (30 to 40 CUC depending on the time of year)?
    Some people say a very enthusiastic "yes" and others are reluctant. Check out our article to learn more.
  • Is it true that customs officers confiscate lighters when leaving Varadero airport?
    Yes! It is better to have a second one (I put it in my camera case) and to also have matches. But at this airport's smoking lounge (yes, there is one), travelers help each other out and share their source of fire.
  • I'm looking for the street numbers (calles) on the posts at the corner of the streets (calles) but I don't see any!
    In Varadero, downtown street numbers are found on ground markers at street corners, not on poles.
  • What should I absolutely not forget to bring in my luggage when I leave for Varadero?
    Several supplies are more difficult to find or more expensive to obtain in Varadero, mainly because of the American embargo or for difficulties of stock shortages on site. Make sure you have enough sunscreen, sanitary pads or tampons, generic medications like Tylenol and others with you. It is also recommended to bring a quantity of prescription drugs for at least double the duration of the planned stay in case of delay for the return flight.
  • Is Varadero a safe city?
    You can walk day and night in Varadero with confidence! As a couple, family or even for a single woman, Varadero is a city renowned for its safety. Would I go alone in the back streets? Probably not more than in other cities, but I would be less worried in Varadero.
  • Can you tan topless on the beaches of Varadero?
    Some women do it, but discreetly. Few, however, will walk topless on the beach.
  • Can we visit other hotels than ours during our stay in Varadero?
    It is rare that the security guards (in front of the hotel or at the beach exit) will let you in, other than to use the toilet or go to the hotel shop… if they are in the lobby. It is possible to buy a day pass to spend a day or half a day in another hotel, however.
  • What are the bracelets for in the all-inclusives?
    Each hotel has its wristband color. It tells the staff that you are indeed residing in the hotel and that you can take advantage of their services.
  • How much does a private guide cost to go to Havana?
    It will cost you around 120 CUC to hire a taxi (choose an air-conditioned car) and the services of a guide. If you are 3 or 4, this price is very interesting! We have a few guides who speak French and English who are members of our group. The guide will take your interests into account to provide you with a tailor-made tour.
  • Where can you find the best pina colada in Varadero?
    If it's not THE best, the one at the Varadero 1920 bar at the entrance to Parque Josone is among the best.
  • What types of restaurants are there in Varadero?
    There's something for every budget! From the small counter on the street where grilled chicken is served, through Cuban restaurants at very affordable prices to slightly more expensive seafood restaurants. You will find Italian restaurants, steak houses and even an Asian restaurant. The restaurants located in Santa Marta (on the other side of the bridge) are cheaper.
  • Is there a museum in Varadero?
    There used to be one but it's now closed.
  • Is it true that several people buy cans of beer before getting on the bus that will take us to our hotel?
    Yes! It's kind of the way to celebrate the arrival in Varadero!
  • What are the most popular beers in Varadero?
    The Cristal (milder) and the Bucanero are the ones most often recommended by our members.
  • Is it true that I can see the house where Al Capone lived in Varadero?
    La Casa de Al is a restaurant. The house was allegedly owned by the famous ganster, but he never stayed there.
  • If I stay in a casa particular, can I spend a day at the beach or at the pool of a hotel?
    Several hotels offer a day pass service. By paying it, you can enjoy the facilities of a hotel for a day or half a day.
  • Is there a Canadian consulate in Varadero?
    Yes, on Calle 13.
  • I often read that you have to bring toilet paper rolls to Varadero? Is it necessary?
    There is usually no problem in hotels, even the smallest ones. But it is certain that you must have some with you when you go to town or on an excursion.
  • Can we find Coke, Pepsi and others in Varadero?"
    In some shops, you can find it. The bottling has often been done in Mexico and the taste is slightly different. The cost of a can is about 2.50 CUC.
  • Are there mosquitoes in Varadero?
    Yes, there are. Better to have mosquito repellent and apply it when the sun goes down. An anti-itch cream is a good idea too.
  • Is there a movie theater in Varadero?
    No. There are bowling alleys and game rooms but no cinema.
  • Can we see dolphins roaming free in the sea from our hotel rooms?
    It's not very common, but it can be seen.
  • If I am a single woman, can I walk around town without any problem? Even at night?"
    Varadero is a very safe city and it is no problem to walk around the city alone. Personally, I would avoid small, poorly lit streets late at night. Not because of the Cubans, but rather because some tipsy tourists might get nasty…
  • Can I attend a baseball game in Varadero?
    No, you have to go to Matanzas, during baseball season, to watch a game.
  • Is there a public market (fruits, vegetables, etc.) in Varadero?
    Yes, it takes place on Saturday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon at the corner of Calle 41 and Avenida Tercera. The one in Santa Marta is bigger and is held on Sunday mornings from 9 a.m. to noon.
  • Can you visit churches in Varadero?
    It is possible to visit a small church, Santa Elvira. It is located on Primera Avenida between Calle 46 and Calle 47.
  • I can't complete the DVIAJEROS online form:
    The form is currently in trouble, you can fill out the paper form on the plane
  • Who is the oldest inhabitant of Varadero?
    It's a cactus called El Patriarca!
  • If I have pollen allergies at home, will it be worse in Varadero?"
    For some members, the allergies are stronger and for others, no reactions.
  • Is it true that you can see a show by the Buena Vista Social Club (music group) in Varadero?
    Yes, but of course it's not the original band.
  • What are the top three restaurants recommended by members?
    Following a poll, Barbacoa (lobster and steak), Gruta del Vino (lobster and steak) and Lai Lai (Asian) took the top three places. But there are many very good restaurants in Varadero!
  • Can or should we haggle with artisans?
    Unlike some other countries, “bargaining” is not a common practice. Some people do it a little and some people don't.
  • What “extreme” sports can I practice in Varadero?
    There are paramotor (parachute with motor), parachute, kyte surfing (board pulled by a large kite) and jet ski. There is no bungee or parasailing (parachute pulled by a boat).
  • Is it true that there are free-roaming hens and roosters in the city center?
    Yes! And roosters can sometimes be disturbing in the morning for those who want to sleep late in hotels in town.
  • Can lizards enter the rooms?
    Yes. I have never seen one in one of my rooms but it is not impossible.
  • Are there sports bars in Varadero?
    No. It may happen that a restaurant presents a match on the big screen, but it is quite unusual.
  • I see a lot of pictures with pelicans but I have never seen any. For what?
    The most common type of pelican found in Varadero is a migratory species. It is therefore not always present.
  • Is it necessary to receive vaccinations before leaving for Varadero?
    The best advice: consult a health professional! See also:
  • Is it true that we can find "bugs" in hotel rooms?
    I have never seen cockroaches (cockroaches) in my rooms, but some members have seen them. There are often very small ants near the patio door or on the balcony. I always bring a mini spray of mosquito repellent to fix the problem but I know you can also ask the maid to do it.
  • Can I go horseback riding on Varadero beach?
    No. One of our Cuban members who resides there tells us that it is illegal.
  • Are there street vendors on Varadero beach and are they as “disturbing” as those in the Dominican Republic?
    There are a few vendors quietly wandering around, but they're not at all harassing. There is also a pina colada vendor driving around on his 4 wheeler.
  • Is ArrivCan still mandatory even if since April 1 the covid tests are no longer mandatory for the return
    Yes it is still necessary to fill in ArrivCan
  • Is it dangerous to cross the main street (Primera Avenida)?
    As in any city, be careful! Between cars, coco taxis, buses and horse-drawn carriages, you sometimes have to be patient.
  • What do the colors of the flags on the beach mean?
    You can read a post on this subject in the articles section.
  • Is it true that there are dogs and cats roaming the hotel grounds?
    Yes, but they are not disturbing. And let's not forget that if there are cats, there will be no small vermin!
  • What should I do if I get "stung" by a jellyfish?
    Consult this site to find out what to do:
  • How long does the journey from the airport to my hotel take?
    It takes about 30 to 45 minutes to make the trip. It is a little shorter if your hotel is at the entrance of the city and longer if it is located further on the peninsula.
  • Why do some people get glasses or dental work done in Varadero?
    It’s cheaper and sometimes even much cheaper (than in Quebec duless) and the work is of excellent quality.
  • Is it necessary to give a deposit for the use of the safety deposit box in the room or the beach towels?
    Most hotels require such a deposit but less in the 5*.
  • On the beach in the hotels at the entrance of the city, we see a kind of blue fence just before the beach. What is it for ? "
    During Hurricane Irma in September 2017, the dunes in this section of the beach were badly damaged. Vegetation has been planted to stabilize them and these fences have been installed to protect the plants.
  • I read on a forum that sometimes there was a lack of food to sell on the plane when returning from Varadero. Is it true ?
    Unfortunately yes. We don't take chances anymore and we eat before leaving or make sure to buy something that we can eat on the plane.
  • I see that some 4.5 and 5 star hotels offer the services of a butler. What can he do for me, exactly?"
    Services offered vary by hotel. He makes sure that everything is going well for you, he can make your reservations for à la carte restaurants, à la carte restaurants, excursions just as he can take care of providing you with beach towels, your favorite cocktails or even draw you a bath!
  • Can you see monkeys roaming free in Varadero?
    No. There would be a few varieties of small monkeys in some forests of Cuba but it is certain that you will not see any in Cuba.
  • What are the cities not very far from Varadero that I could visit?
    The nearest town is Santa Marta but there are few places to visit. However, it is very pleasant to walk there and there are several good restaurants. The other two nearest towns are Cardenas and Matanzas.
  • Can I eat lobster in Varadero?
    The crustacean that we eat in Varadero is lobster and not lobster. There is also crab and shrimp.
  • Yes it's possible. You can consult the articles "Eating in a Cuban family" and "Eating at Rodolfo Perez" for more information.
    Yes, it is possible. You can consult the articles "Eating in a Cuban family" and "Eating at Rodolfo Perez" to find out more.
  • It is not suggested because Cubans can only change banknotes in banks, not coins."
    It is not suggested because Cubans can only change banknotes in banks, not coins.
  • How do I reserve my chair under a palaba while I go to eat?
    Just leave your towel and any worthless personal belongings there. Some will also lower the back of the chair. What is important is not to reserve chairs at the pool and at the beach at the same time, only to use them for an hour... with young children.
  • I have been told about a “Cuban” day during the week in hotels in Varadero. What does it consist of?
    This is an opportunity for our Cuban hosts to share their culture. Activities and shows are offered to get to know them better.
  • Is it “ok” to request a room change in a Varadero hotel if I am unhappy with mine?
    Yes, you can. However, be polite with the Reception staff since they are not the ones who assign the rooms and these people do not deserve to be "scolded" for a situation over which they had no control. Do not forget it ! ;-)
  • Is it possible to visit a crocodile farm on an excursion departing from Varadero?
    Yes. The excursion lasts a whole day and can go by several names: Caribbean Tour. Bay of Pigs or Guama.
  • What is the difference between an "ocean front" room and an "ocean view" room?
    I recommend this article to fully understand the difference!
  • The lifeguard on our beach offers me cigars that his cousin who works in a factory was able to get him at an excellent price. Can I trust him?"
    Several people will offer you to buy cigars on the beach. They are rarely genuine. But if you want to buy some for someone who doesn't know much about cigars, why not?
  • Do you have any “surprising” information to share about Varadero?
    This article presents 15 “curious facts” about Varadero. Open the link in Chrome and right click for the French translation option.
  • Is it true that there are hotels reserved for Cubans?
    Yes, some hotels are reserved exclusively for government officials and military personnel. They are little noticed but they are fine in and around Varadero.
  • I went to Varadero in the 80's and there were armed military personnel guarding the beaches. Is this still the case?
    No. It's very rare to see military personnel on the beaches now but we did see one in January 2019. But there are security personnel employed by the hotels who go on watch day and night.
  • I dream of a midnight bath in the sea! Will I be able to do it?
    No, no and no! The beaches are closely watched as soon as night falls. Hotels don't want people who have been enjoying free booze all day taking unnecessary risks!
  • What is the excursion that allows us to participate in a presentation that reproduces the traditions of the first nations of Cuba?
    It's the Jeep Safari.
  • Can you eat lobster all year round in Varadero?
    Yes, lobster is available all year round although fishing is prohibited during the breeding season.
  • How much does beer cost when leaving the airport?
    Usually the price is $5 CDN or 3 cans for $10. But this can vary according to the days and even the hours. There is also a small kiosk (on the right when the airport is behind you) where the Cristal is a little cheaper. It also seems that the price on the bus is $5 CDN for 2 cans.
  • Apart from the catamaran, are there any other boat tours with snorkeling?
    Yes. Pedro Ortiz Rodriguez (representative in Varadero and member of our group tells us: "There is a half day in Isla Paraiso with snorkeling. Less people. The cost is 54 CUC." He can give information to those interested. Isabelle Dubonnez suggests: "You go directly to the Marina, opposite the muthu playa Varadero hotel. They offer various outings there, lobster fishing, snorkeling, possibly dolphins, in private. Very interesting if you are 4- 6 for example. It won't cost more than the tour offered in the hotels where you will be 50 on a boat. Ask to see el capitán Noël. (and give him greetings from me). " Plus, a short cruise to enjoy the sunset is offered by this firm:
  • Where can I get braids done in Varadero?
    There are often ladies who walk on the beach and offer this service, but without insisting. A member also shared this information: “I was walking in a public market right next to the fondue restaurant, near calle 62 and a lady was sitting there and offering braids for 7 cuc; any type of braids it was all the same price. she was towards the bottom for example, not at the edge of the market” The same service would be offered in the large craft market between Calle 15 and Calle 16. And Julie Bel tells us, near Villa Tortuga: “35 $ cuc it took like 1h30. »
  • Flea markets or craft markets in varadero?
    For me, a flea market is a place where used items are resold. In Varadero, I think we have to talk about craft markets. These are places where artisans come to present their creations, from the most modest to the most elaborate!
  • What time does the exchange office close at the airport?
    The exchange office closes after the passengers of the last flight have left the airport.
  • Is it true that we can see part of a Batista residence in Varadero?
    Yes. By taking Calle 64 on Primera Avenida to head to the beach. She will be on your left.
  • Are there “foam parties” (foam bath type) in all the hotels in Varadero?
    No, not all hotels offer this activity.
  • Is bottled water easily found in downtown Varadero?
    Yes. You can find them in small shops and restaurants.
  • Can I bring my inflatable mattress to Varadero?
    We see inflatable mattresses at the sea and sometimes at the swimming pool. Our members tell us that they have never been advised not to use them. Of course, if the pool is full of bathers, we will appreciate that you wait a bit!
  • If I'm getting married in Varadero, can I take my wedding dress with me on the plane?"
    Yes, the carriers provide a specific space in the cabin to place them to ensure that it arrives at the same time as you! ;-) See the articles “Bring your wedding dress to Varadero” and “Getting married in Varadero”.
  • It's my first trip to the South and I'm not sure what to bring, what is allowed or not by the carriers or what are the dimensions and weights allowed.
    By doing a search (magnifying glass on the right) and entering the word "luggage", you will have access to several articles that will be very useful to you.
  • I was stung by a "bug" but I don't know which one. Can you help me identify the culprit? ;-)
    This article could probably answer your question:
  • Is it true that our carrier can change the itinerary at the last minute and impose unplanned stopovers on us?
    Yes… It happens sometimes and especially in low season or to less “popular” destinations.
  • My carry-on baggage meets all of my carrier's standards, but I'm being asked to put it in the hold. Can I refuse?"
    Unfortunately not. If the spaces reserved in the cabin are already filled, you will have no choice… Hence the importance of clearly identifying your luggage with the address of the hotel where you will be staying and of making sure that you have in a other small hand luggage essentials for your arrival (swimsuit, change of clothes for a day, medicines, etc.).
  • Will I need a power adapter at my hotel?
    All the answers in this article: a-%C3%A9electrical-adaptor
  • How much does a taxi cost from the airport to the city center?
    The cost is around 30 CUC. Don't forget to notify the representative of your tour operator so that you don't have to be waited on the bus unnecessarily!
  • Are there hair salons, nail salons and barbers in town in Varadero?
    Yes, but there aren't many of them.
  • Are there public restrooms in downtown Varadero?
    Yes, but it is strongly recommended to have toilet paper with you
  • Is it easy to get around in a wheelchair in Varadero? Is it a well adapted city?
    Even if some hotels are well adapted to accommodate people in wheelchairs, it is sometimes a challenge to get around town according to one of our members. In addition, few restaurants offer adapted bathrooms
  • Do you know of an internet package with data that would be interesting for my trip to Varadero?
    Yes! See this article:
  • Can Americans go to Cuba? Is American money accepted there?
    Yes, Americans can go to Cuba but it is rather complicated for them. It is possible to change US dollars into CUC.
  • Can you find non-alcoholic beer and wine in Varadero?
    According to our members, this is not possible.
  • Can we find the phenomenon of baïnes in the sea of Varadero?
    Yes, but not often. Caution is always advised when bathing in the sea! The video at the end of this article tells you what to do if you ever fall victim to this phenomenon: -the-beach-the-ph%C3%A9nom%C3%A8ne-des-ba%C3%AFnes
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