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Healthy black bean and cumin soup

    -2 cooking oil
    -2 cups onions (1) in pieces
    -1 cup each: celery (2 large stalks), carrots (1 large) in large pieces
    -1 large diced red pepper
    -4 cloves of garlic
    -Salt and pepper to taste
    -1/2 Jalapeño
    -2 tbsp cumin tea
    -1 1/2 teaspoon oregano tea
    -2 tbsp chili tea
    -4 cans of black beans (60 oz)
    -4 cups vegetable broth
    -1 bay leaf

1- Boil and simmer everything for 30 min over medium-low heat
2- take half (approx. 4 cups) and mix in a blender or food processor.
3- Add to the soup. Mix.
4- Add cubes of feta, pieces of avocado and fresh coriander at the end.

Healthy black bean and cumin soup
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