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Cuban pesto salsa

    Ideally we would need:
    ▪︎2 or 3 bunches of basil and 1 or 2 bunches of parsley. Clean them well and only use the leaves
    ▪︎1 small piece of cheese (any type)
    ▪︎a handful of natural peanuts (not essential)
    ▪︎olive oil
    ▪︎A head of garlic
    ▪︎salt to taste

Today we went to the farmers market early in the morning and found some fresh basil and chives too. So we're going to embark on an Italian adventure in Cuba.
It is a personal variation, a pesto formula adapted to the real possibilities of the country, a simple, flexible and foolproof recipe.

Depending on availability, I have already randomly added more parsley than basil, or a small piece of ginger, a bunch of spinach, peppers of any kind, onion or chives and tomatoes.
Of course, the flavor and color vary slightly depending on the ingredients available, but always with that very fresh and healthy touch of nature.
Today we're going to make it with basil, chives, garlic, salt and olive oil. I also added a handful of sesame and a drop of balsamic vinegar. Result: fantastic.
Fill the blender glass well with the ingredients and add the olive oil little by little until you obtain the desired consistency, like for mayonnaise.
The good thing is that you can freeze this preparation in the cooler and make pesto cubes that you keep in the refrigerator and can use without an expiration date.
Just reheat them in the pan, with an extra drop of oil, and you already have pesto for pasta, pizza or meats.
Be careful, it can be addictive 😉!

Cuban pesto salsa
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