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Rabo ignited

    1kg of oxtail.
    4 cloves of garlic.
    2 onions.
    A few chili peppers and/or 1 green pepper.
    250 ml of tomato puree.
    200 ml of white wine or cooking wine.
    100 ml of water.
    Black pepper to taste.
    Salt to taste
    3 tablespoons of oil

Another of the most typical recipes in Cuba is that of Rabo Encendido (Cuban fiery tail) although it has become very rare to consume it today due to the obvious difficulty of finding the beef.
This dish, whose name could naturally have made you smile a little knowingly, is still on the list of the most traditional in Cuba. It has its origins in the Iberian Peninsula, it is true, but it has become popular on our island since the arrival of the Spaniards.
So this dish would have a bit of the Spanish version and a bit of the adaptations that have been made from generation to generation by Cubans.

Method of preparation :
The first thing we will do is to season, with salt and pepper, and fry the oxtail, cut into pieces, until it is sealed on all sides, it can be fried in the same pan where it will be cooked.
When it is nicely browned, add the crushed garlic, onion, pepper or chili peppers, parsley and mix well so that all the flavors are well integrated.
Then we add the tomato puree and continue stirring. After 30 seconds we add the white wine and continue cooking over medium heat.
After 3 or 5 minutes we add the water and let it cook for about an hour, you will know it will be ready if the meat is very soft. Add more black pepper to taste and more water if you deem it necessary.
If you prefer this recipe even spicier, you can add any other ingredients of your choice, such as hot peppers or Tabasco sauce.
It is called a fiery tail because of the typically very spicy flavor it carries. However, we prefer to prepare it a little more subtle to fully enjoy it.
Unfortunately, finding oxtails in Cuba has long become virtually impossible. Successive economic crises have ruined the availability of certain livestock products, particularly beef.
But it is undoubtedly a very traditional Cuban recipe that I recommend trying at home, or if the opportunity arises during your next trip to Cuba.
Cuba hopes for you pronto...and @rebellecuba too.
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Rabo ignited
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