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Pudin Cubano

    500 g of bread
    100 ml of cooking wine (optional)
    100 ml of rum or liqueur preferably.
    4 to 6 eggs
    250 g of raisins (ideally hydrated in rum for at least 12 hours) or guava paste cut into small cubes.
    50 ml of vanilla
    250g of sugar
    50 g ground cinnamon
    1 pinch of salt
    1 liter of milk (approximate)
    250 g additional sugar to make the caramel

Pudin Cubano.
This will always be my mother's best and most recurring memory in the kitchen. Religiously and for most of my childhood and adolescence, my mother used old bread to make raisin or sweet guava pudding every weekend. Then I grew up and put the rum in it, so the pudding was not only tasty, but also very cheerful.
Today my old mother no longer has the strength to make pudding. However, she has taught her offspring well and now it is my turn to make such a delicious dessert when I go to visit her.

Method of preparation :
Make the caramel with the additional sugar and caramelize a mold of a certain diameter. Let cool.
Mix in a bowl, with your very clean hands, or in a blender if you prefer, the bread without the crust and in crumbs with the rest of the ingredients until the bread is soft and the sugar dissolves.
Put this mixture in the mold covered with caramel. Cover and cook in a bain-marie for an hour, or until a toothpick or knife inserted in the center comes out clean.
Let it cool, before taking it out of the mold, dare to invite me and watch it disappear like magic.

Pudin Cubano
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