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Burnt coconut

    ▪︎2 cups of grated coconut white
    ▪︎2 cups white sugar (or brown sugar)
    ▪︎2 tablespoons of cooking wine
    ▪︎3 egg yolks
    ▪︎1 stick of cinnamon

Coconut jam is said to be everyone's favorite Cuban dessert and it is extremely easy to prepare. It can be eaten alone or better yet, accompanied by cheese, if it is mainly grated coconut and sweetened with light syrup.
Coconut has many healthy properties, and we can take full advantage of them. Even its bark, with which you can make crafts such as earrings and vases, can simply also be used, once dried, as plant fuel.
So let's see how an authentic Cuban-style burnt coconut dessert is prepared in nougat form, as it is often sold on a piece of paper to carry around the streets of Cuban cities.

Preparation :
Bring the grated coconut white to the boil in half a liter of water
Add the cinnamon stick and sugar. If we use brown sugar, it seems more burnt and less sweet in the end.
Let it simmer for about two hours.
Add the cooking wine and let cool.
Then beat the yolks and mix them with the coconut jam.
Then cook over low heat and stir until you obtain a pasty and slightly sticky texture.
Pour into a heatproof container and finally bake in the oven until completely golden. Leave to cool and cut the jam into small squares.
So this is how my neighbor makes this delicious dessert that I buy him too often perhaps. It's almost an addictive bite.
It can be served with powdered peanuts, but this is not really necessary, a little piece of cheese would be better appreciated by your Cuban guests.
In the eastern region, however, I tasted the best coconut jam in Cuba, mixed with fruits like pineapple, guava or orange, and packaged in palm leaf cones. Simply fantastic.

Burnt coconut
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