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Gogave juice

    Gogave skins and seeds

A few days ago we made a guava jam, casquitos de guayaba, the preparation of which included removing the skin and seeds from the fruit.

I just made it again today; and of course we are not going to throw away this little treasure. We will make juice from it.
With leftover guava we can indeed prepare an excellent fruit juice.
This traditional method can be applied to pineapple peels as well as other fruits such as mango and papaya. It is still with guavas and pineapples that the result is best obtained from their peel and seeds.

So take the guava skins and seeds (mixed with pineapple peels, it's my favorite) and boil in water for 5 minutes. Don't forget to add a small handful of rice, which will provide a slightly thicker texture at the end.

Allow the boiled fruits to cool well before putting them in an electric blender and then filtering through a sieve to obtain a very fine juice. Add sugar or honey to taste if you prefer. I've already tried it with maple syrup and it's delicious.

There you go, you would have made fruit juice with what we were perhaps going to throw away.

See you soon then, back to the rebellious Caribbean island. You are all welcome to share the Cuban experience.

Gogave juice
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