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Chicharrones (Pork rinds)

    1 to 2 kg of pork fat with skin
    Salt to taste
    Some water

Well... what are we eating today? This is a very recurring question for the Cuban family, especially in these current difficult times.
We had recently found some pork and ate some good pieces of it. The pig's skin had been removed with great care and stored in the freezer. The time has now come to prepare chicharrones.
Chicharrones are among the most traditional dishes in Cuba. These pieces of bacon, cut into three-finger squares on about two sides, and fried in their own fat, until crisp, are delicious dishes for the Cubans.
Two products are obtained from this recipe: lard, which is very useful in Cuban cuisine, ideal for rice for example; and pork rinds themselves, which in addition to being consumed in this way can be used in several dishes: such as plantain cooked with ground chicharrones, a good soup of white or colored beans, or even chickpeas .
Ingredients :

Preparation of pork rinds:
The pig's skin should be cut into small squares, in turn marked superficially with smaller square shapes. You must then place them in a pan of the right size to cook and stir them comfortably.
Add salt to taste and enough water to cover the bacon racks.
We put the pot on the fire so that the preparation begins to boil and let it simmer until the water is completely reduced and the distilled fat then takes care of frying the pieces until they are crispy.
You have to stir fairly regularly so that the pieces of bacon do not stick too much and achieve their typical crispiness.
We remove the pork rinds from the pot, as soon as they have the beautiful tan color and sound dry and crunchy to the touch of the slotted spoon. Then we let them cool for a few minutes.
Now we can enjoy the most classic Cuban appetizer to accompany rum or good beer with family or friends.
Health, happiness and chicharrones!

Chicharrones (Pork rinds)
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