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Stuffed plantains (tostones cubanos Rellenos)

    ▪︎Green plantains.
    ▪︎Oil for frying.
    ▪︎Mayonnaise (optional)
    ▪︎Ground meat (or ham, shrimp or vegetables)
    ▪︎1 chopped onion
    ▪︎4 cloves of garlic, minced
    ▪︎1 tablespoon of tomato puree
    ▪︎1 grated carrot
    ▪︎1 ripe tomato, chopped
    ▪︎Cachucha peppers
    ▪︎Salt, cumin and pepper to taste
    ▪︎Chopped cilantro and parsley
    ▪︎Grated cheese (optional)

Stuffed tostones are a very typical Cuban dish, easy to make, which appears as a starter or garnish to our meals, or perhaps just to snack on while we share a good rum or beers with a guest at home.

The bananas are peeled and cut into four parts each, then fried over low heat for 1-2 minutes to cook thoroughly.

The pieces of banana, already cooked, are then crushed one by one, in a suitable mold to obtain a concave shape. We can use a lemon squeezer for example.

Then the bananas, already molded, are fried again in oil at high temperature to make them crispy.

Separately, the picadillo must be prepared with the rest of the ingredients, which we leave to cook for a few minutes, until the minced meat is rather dry.

Then we proceed to fill the tostones. First of all, we can coat the hollow of the tostones with mayonnaise, then we add a small portion of minced meat, and at the end the grated cheese, if available because it is not essential.

If you put grated cheese on it, you must take the stuffed tostones to the conventional oven or microwave, for only 30 seconds, so that the cheese can be browned and that's it.
We are therefore ready to eat since the table is already served, and we have already drunk.

Stuffed plantains (tostones cubanos Rellenos)
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