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Varadero from A to Z

Discover Varadero by following the alphabet!

From A to Z, here is information on Varadero. For each topic, you can then search our website to find the article(s) that will give you more details.

· AA – There are no regular meetings in Varadero

· Aborigines – Discover the first inhabitants of Varaderdo and Cuba

· Water activities – Free from your hotel or paid

· Adapter and/or converter – Watch Renaud Canuel’s video on our group to fully understand

· Airport – Varadero Airport site – services available at airports, etc.

· Alcohol – What can I bring and/or bring back from Varadero? Alcohol-free wines, etc.

· Sargassum seaweed - There is sometimes seaweed on the beaches of Varadero, especially when the sea has been rough, but no sargassum (the invasive and very smelly seaweed)

· Allergies – Food and hay fever allergies

· Embassy and consulate – see article “Official representations) – There is a Canadian consulate in Varadero

· Old Hotel Names – For people looking for the new name of a hotel they have visited in the past

· Respiratory system (sleep apnea) – On the plane and in the hotel

· Electronic devices – Quickly pass security checks with a computer or other

· Phone calls – How to make a call to or from Varadero

· Various applications for phones and tablets – Great resources to discover

· Arrival at the airport – A step by step guide to knowing what to expect

· Arrival at your hotel – A list to check off so you don’t forget anything when you are taken to your room

· Buses to and from the airport – How to locate your bus when you arrive, what to do if you prefer to take a taxi, what time the bus will pick you up from your hotel, etc.

· Double-decker tourist bus – The famous bus at 5 CUC per day with as many boardings and descents as you want in the same day

· Automobiles – See car

· Avenida (Avenue) – Downtown Varadero is centered around Avenir Primera. There are three avenidas that run parallel and several calles (streets)

· Baggage – Several articles on the weight of authorized baggage and other miscellaneous subjects

· Bay of Pigs – Nice scuba diving trip, museum, etc.

· Banos ( toilets) – Maps to find public toilets in town – make sure you have toilet paper with you!

· Banks – Location of banks, having your passport to make a transaction, etc.

· Baseball – National sport of the Cubans – You can watch matches in Matanzas, 35 minutes from Varadero

· Cuban beers – The most popular are Cristal and Bucanero

· Jewelry – Cuba is not known for its precious metals and there are few jewelry stores in Varadero

· Boca de Camarioca – Charming little village less than 15 minutes from the Varadero exit

· Drinking and eating on the plane – What can I bring on the plane?

· Soft drinks – Can you find Coke and others in Varadero?

· Hotel bracelets – How this system works and a little tip when asked

· Budget for a week – Some information to help you plan your budget in an all-inclusive in Varadero

· Buena Vista Social Club – Not the original band, but you can see a very good show

· Buffets in hotels 3.5 stars and less – What to expect?

· Exchange offices (cadecas) – How do they work?

· Bungalows (hotels with) – An interesting option for large families

· Cabaret Continental - This cabaret that was the heyday of Varadero nightlife is open again

· Cactus El Patriarca – the oldest inhabitant of Cuba

· Gifts for Cubans – What can help Cubans because they have to pay a lot for them or can't find them at all in stores?

· Cadecas (exchange offices) – See exchange offices

· Coffee – Popular brands, where to drink good coffee, etc.

· Carriages – Beware of price gouging!

· Calendar of activities and events – Find out what will be happening in Varadero or Cuba during your stay

· Calles (streets) – They run perpendicular to Avenida Primera, the main artery of downtown Varadero

· Calle 62 – THE place to go in the evening to dance and in the middle of the street to boot

· Television channels – Several international channels, including some Quebec ones such as TVA, are available in Varadero hotels

· Cardenas – Small town not far from Varadero where many hotel employees live

· Tour operator binders – There is a lot of information including departure times (important if they are modified)

· Debit and credit cards – No US cards are accepted in Varadero including Capital One

· Tourist Maps – Scanned maps, where to get one in Varadero, etc.

· Casa de Al – A restaurant but above all a beautiful little building to visit and a super beautiful terrace behind… even if Al Capone never stayed there

· Casa de la Musica – A performance hall with a very varied offering

· Casas particulars – The equivalent of our “guest rooms” many of which can be found on Airbnb

· Casinos – There are no more casinos in Varadero but the history of these establishments is very interesting

· Criminal record – Yes, it is possible to travel to Varadero with a criminal record but it is better to check before you go

· Catamaran – Several excursions available from Varadero

· Cayo Blanco (catamaran excursion) – Small island near Varadero which is a favorite excursion for people staying in Varadero

· Shopping centers – There are two shopping centers in Varadero but they have nothing to do with what we know in North America: Plaza America (more expensive shops) and Centro Comercial Hicacos

· Downtown – Downtown Varadero stretches between Calle 11 and Calle 64. Nightlife is mainly found between Calle 57 (Beatles Bar) and Calle 62.

· Hotel chains present in Varadero – Be careful, international chains arrive and leave Varadero faster than you think!

· Rooms – Rooms recommended by our members in different hotels, rooms where you can hear the sea and much more!

· Time change in Varadero – The time change takes place at the same time as in Quebec

· Change hotels – Can I request to change hotels if I am not satisfied?

· Canadian Air Passenger Bill of Rights – It’s important to know our rights

· Cats and dogs – Yes, there are some on the hotel websites

· Cigars – Tips for making good purchases and prices

· Cigarettes – Bring cigarettes to Varadero, buy them there, bring them back, etc.

· Electronic cigarette – Know what to do when traveling by plane with an electronic cigarette

· Loyal Guests – What are the benefits offered to guests who stay at the same hotel multiple times

· Medical clinics – Clinic contact details

· Coco taxis – A great discovery to make in Varadero

· Highway Code – Spanish version

· Comparsita – Open-air nightclub

· Health advice – You should never travel without reading the advice recommended by institutions including Travel Canada

· Consulate and embassy - see article “Official representations) – There is the Canadian consulate in Varadero but the embassy is in Havana

· Converter and/or adapter – Watch Renaud’s video on our group – A must-have

· Sunsets – Sunset Times

· Sunburn and sunstroke – Be careful, while a sunburn is unpleasant, sunstroke can be dangerous

· Mail – Post mail from Varadero

· Ice cream – Not always easy to find ice cream “cones” in Varadero

· Cristal – Our members’ favorite beer!

· Crocodiles – It is possible to visit a crocodile farm on an excursion from Varadero

· Cueva del Pirata – Nightclub in a cave a little outside the city center

· Dolphins (swim with) – It is possible to see and/or swim with dolphins at the Delfinarium or during excursions to Cayo Blanco

· Dolphins in the sea – Yes, it is possible to see dolphins swimming freely from the beach, but this is not common

· Delfinarium – Place where shows are presented with dolphins in an enclosure

· Half marathon – Race held in Varadero in the spring

· Dentists – There are two dental clinics in Varadero – The costs of many services are cheaper than in Quebec

· Departure from your hotel – Make sure you do not confuse the time you leave the room (check-out) and the time you will be picked up, possibility of keeping the room later, etc.

· Departure from the airport – Everything you need to know about what awaits you when you depart from the airport, VIP lounge, etc.

· Travel documents – Make sure you have everything whether you are traveling as a couple or with children

· Cuban and Canadian customs – Don’t trust what you read on Facebook and check the official sites

· Flag of Cuba – History of the flag

· Flags on the beach (meanings) – Understand what the flags tell us, for OUR safety

· Drones – They are prohibited in Cuba – Images filmed in Cuba with drones are authorized by the Government and not filmed by individuals

· Water – The water in Varadero is drinkable but we still recommend drinking filtered water in hotels or bottled water

· Education (education system) – Free education but parents have to buy uniforms

· American embargo – 60 years of embargo for what??? ;-(

· Children – Recommended hotels for stays with children, necessary travel documents, equipment allowed on planes, etc.

· Spanish (learn) – Spanish lessons with Pedro

· Stars – How are hotels awarded stars? Varadero hotels according to their stars, etc.

· Excursions – The most popular excursions, excursion prices, buy before or on site, etc.

· Deliver food and other goods to Varadero – A site that seemed to work well before Covid-19

· Curious facts – Discover Varadero through several surprising information

· Women (safe city for women?) - Yes!

· National holidays – Dates of the main holidays

· Festivals – Main annual festivals in Varadero

· Films and reports about Cuba – Interesting to learn more about Cuba while we can't get there

· Compensation fund for travel agent clients – It’s important to know what tools are available to us in the event of a problem

· Cellular plans – On-site Internet cards, plans offered by our providers, etc.

· Seasonal fruits and vegetables – Yes, even if it’s the South, there are seasons for crops!

· Art gallery – Why not take a little detour to discover Varadero's artists?

· Babysitting (babysitting services) – Be sure to check with the hotel where you will be staying

· Golf – There is only one golf course in Varadero but it gets good reviews – Some ready-made hotels offer “stay and golf” packages

· Caves to visit - There are several caves to visit around Vardero including one where you can bathe in clear water

· ATMs – There are some in Varadero and they are increasingly reliable, but it is better to have a “Plan B”

· Guides for excursions – We have several Cuban members who offer guide services for excursions in Havana and around Varadero

· (S') How to dress to go to a restaurant – Some advice and above all, check your tour operator's website for this hotel for à la carte restaurants

· Halloween – Not really celebrated by Cubans, but there are activities for tourists

· Havana Club – A popular Varadero nightclub

· Hotels – For hotels, it is mainly in our group that you will find the most interesting information. The “I consult - Hotel photos” section is another interesting avenue.

· History of Varadero and Cuba = Several articles to discover

· Must-sees in Varadero – A must-have item for first-time visitors to Varadero

· Internet – Packages from Quebec or map on site

· Invite someone to your hotel – Not always easy, both for our Cuban friends and for members of our families or friends…

· Jeep Safari – Excursion very popular with many members – You must know how to drive “manual” – Check your insurance to find out if this is considered an “extreme sport”

· Beach games – Great ideas for playing with children on the beach

· Josone (Parque) You have to read the history of this place, especially go and visit it!

· New Year’s Day – There are more activities in Varadero on December 31 than on the 24 (except in hotels)

· Karaoke - Yes, there are places where you can do Karaoke in Varadero!

· Sunrises – See article “Sunrise and sunset times”

· Curved-tailed Lizards – Our friendly, quick-to-disappear little friends!

· Liquids in baggage – Rely on official sources to find out what is accepted in carry-on and checked baggage

· Glasses – (Get glasses made) – Eyewear in Varadero offers very good prices for eye exams and production of glasses in a very short time

· Glasses – Make your glasses float

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