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Top 3 for a coffee, a pizza, a lobster, transport, a show, etc.

Note: Several information remains to be verified as of May 2, 2023.


No unanimity, that’s for sure!

Compilation of the three places most recommended by our members (surveys, comments)

The best restaurants

  • Don Alex

  • La Gruta del Vino

  • La Rampa

The best places to eat lobster

  • Rodolfo (a Cuban who welcomes us into his home)

  • La Rampa

  • La Gruta del Vino

The best restaurants to eat pizza

  • Don Alex

  • Nonna Tina

  • Kiki's

The best Italian restaurants

  • Nonna Tina

  • Castel Nuevo

  • The House of Honey

The Best Places to Eat Grilled or Fried Chicken

  • Counter on Callé 62 (grilled)

  • Small restaurant in front of Todo En Uno park (fried)

  • El Mojito (breaded chicken with plantains - in Santa Marta)

The best restaurant to eat Asian food

  • The Sakura on Calle 63 in the boulevard section

The best restaurants to eat steak (but remember that steak in Varadero is not the recommended first course!)

  • The Barbacoa

  • La Gruta del Vino

  • El Toro

The best restaurants to eat fish

  • Casa del Chef

  • Suarez

  • Fiesta del Carbon (Santa Marta)

The best fish to taste

  • Pargo

  • Macabi

  • Basa

The best restaurants to taste traditional Cuban cuisine

  • El Ancla, calle 62. Fast food. South of the bar. Cheap and typically Cuban restaurant. Big portions.

  • Cafeteria Julia Paraiso (Avenida Primera and Calle 54)

  • El Amanecer (interior and exterior – Avenida Primera and Calle 54)

  • And several in Santa Marta

The best restaurants for breakfast in town

  • The Opening 36

  • The Terracita Café

  • El Caney

The best restaurants where you can eat with a view of the sea (but you have to expect to pay more...)

  • The terrace of the Xanadu Mansion restaurant

  • Al's House

  • Kike-cho (marina at the tip of the peninsula - not in town but apparently very good)

The best restaurants to eat a sandwich or a hamburger

  • Opening 36

  • Hamburgesa (closed and replaced by El Caribeno)

  • Terrace of the Acuazul hotel

The best restaurants to enjoy Cuban music bands

  • Casa del Chef

  • Suarez

  • The Barbacoa

The best places to eat ice cream

  • Except in hotels, there are few places to eat ice cream cones

  • El Golfito (corner Calle 41)

  • Copelia (around Calle 27 I think)

The best places to have a coffee in town (the cafes downstairs in hotel lobbies or at their specialty counters are usually very good!)

  • Casa del Cubita

  • Chocolate House

  • Cafeccino (Iced coffee and pastries - Santa Marta)

The best places to drink a good pina colada

  • Bar Varadero 1920 (entrance to Parque Josone)

  • Bar Dos Mares

  • Those of the gentleman who rides on 4 wheels on the beach and those during the stop on the way to Havana

The best places to drink a good mojito

  • The Guarapera - small kiosk on the other side of the lake at Parque Josone (after the Gruta del Vino, before going up the small hill)

  • The Beatles

  • Cafe 23

The best beers

  • Crystal

  • Bucanero

  • El Presidente (rarer)

Places with the best sea views to have a drink

  • The little bar at the top of the Xanadu Mansion

  • The Eclipse nightclub on the 12th floor of the Sunbeach Hotel

  • The terrace of the Casa de Al restaurant

The best nightclubs

  • Havana Club

  • Comparsita (open air)

  • Calle 62

The best excursions

  • Cayo Blanco (catamaran excursion with or without interaction with dolphins)

  • Havana (especially with a private guide)

  • Jeep Safari

The best places to go diving (freediving or scuba diving)

  • Playa Coral (between Varadero and Matanzas)

  • The Bay of Pigs (a good 2 hour drive)

  • Excursions offered by Varadero hotels with a supplement of 20 CUC – approximately 1h30 – apnea only

The best places to visit with children

  • Todo en Uno amusement park

  • Ocio Club

  • Josone Park

The best shows to see

  • Buena Vista Social Club

  • Tropicana (in Matanzas)

  • Casa de la Musica (varied shows)

The best places to shop

  • Craft market between Calle 15 and Calle 16 on Primera Avenida (largest)

  • Plaza America

  • Hicacos Shopping Center

The best means of transport

  • The panoramic bus for $5 per day with as many ascents and descents as desired

  • Coco taxis

  • Taxis

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