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Saturno Cave - To bathe in clear water!

Saturno Cave - To bathe in clear water!

Photo: Isabelle Paradis

A nice place to take a refreshing break

Saturno Cave - To bathe in clear water!

The Cueva Saturno (Saturno Cave) is a so-called freshwater flooded cave with a free surface and two galleries. Its waters are extraordinarily transparent and give the impression of diving through air, with abundant secondary formations of stalactites and stalagmites of curious shapes. During your dive you may discover blind fish and shrimps.

The stop at the Saturno cave is part of several excursions: the bus stops there to allow visitors to go swimming in the clear, clear water of the pool. Make sure you have your swimsuit and a towel.

It is also possible to rent equipment for snorkeling. The deepest point of the basin is located at 22 meters deep.

You can also get there by taxi for a reasonable price. It costs around $40 for the round trip. Of course, it depends on where you're going and how long you want to stay there. Negotiate with the driver before you leave.

To know

If this visit is not part of an excursion, it costs $5 to access it. The descent takes around 3 minutes and an hour is more than enough to enjoy it (visit and swim). The water is around 22 degrees Celsius.

The cave is humid and can become cramped if there are many people.

It is preferable to have shoes and not sandals since some rocks are sharp or slippery, including in the pool.

There is a place to change clothes as well as a cafe bar. Those who do not wish to go down into the cave can therefore enjoy a good cerveza while waiting for the others.

Opening hours are 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. It is recommended to go early in the morning or around 5 p.m. if you want to fully enjoy swimming (fewer people in the pool).

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