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Medicines useful to Cubans at the moment

As mentioned several times above, everything that is acetaminophen and ibuprofen x10000000

All forms of antihistamines for adults and children





Everything related to hemorrhoids in suppositories or pills

Senokot to liquefy stools for pregnant women suffering from constipation or for the elderly

Asthma pumps (if you have a prescription but no longer need it)

Multivitamins of all kinds for both children and adults

Topical creams against itching (cortate, polysporin etc.)

Anything that is also analgesic cream for muscle pain (Robaxecet, Antiflogestin alouette, they no longer have a prescription to relieve pain.....)

Needles for taking diabetes as well as tampons and the analysis machine (over-the-counter but expensive)

Syringes (medical surplus subject to all reservations) .....and the list is still long


Of course, anything that can help relieve teething or diaper irritation will also be greatly appreciated.

In short, if you go to a pharmacy, almost all over-the-counter medications will be useful!

IMPORTANT: Make sure that the medications are clearly identified (name or molecule and dosage). Personally, I often lay the box flat to save space but put it back with the pot when I donate. It is also possible to photocopy the instructions on the box (English and French) if you want to share the pills between several people.

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