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How to avoid theft in your suitcases

I explain why wrapping is the best solution against theft and compressible bags

I'm not saying I have the ultimate solution

But I confirm that in my last trips I had no theft in my suitcases either on departure or on return

First put all your things in compressible bags, they are easily found at Dollarama for $1.50 each or on Amazon

You can put clothing, miscellaneous items, electronics

no need to remove the air on the way back, just put your things there and that's enough

Thieves will attack a suitcase where it can be easily and quickly accessed

Padlocks, tyrap, are in no way effective, the keys which are supposed to protect our padlocks have been on sale over the counter for several years on the internet

Even those that are supposed to be opened only by customs (TSA)

The key also circulates on the internet

But even worse, a simple pen opens a suitcase in 5 seconds

The thieves probably do it without the knowledge of their colleagues

So unwrapping a suitcase would get fishy

They will tackle the easy suitcases

I have never been robbed with a wrapper suitcase,

Yes customs can open it

but they must do it in the presence of several people, they cannot open a suitcase alone

A cover is easily removable so no it is not safe

You should know that the thefts are probably not made by the customs officers themselves, but probably by those who move your suitcases, so they unzip very quickly in their hands and steal what they manage to take

Putting everything in compressible bags makes it difficult to reach your items quickly

Then wrap your suitcase both on departure and on returns, once again the small rolls of wrapping are easily found in the hardware store or on Amazon

Making it more difficult to reach your items discourages theft, I'm not saying it's a foolproof solution but it's what works in my case, and yet I bring a lot of things that would have value. value for Cubans in my suitcases

Wrapping a suitcase only costs a few dollars you can buy rolls at the dollarama hardware store, amazon etc.

I bring my little roll to wrap it on the way back,

Because yes it also steals from the suitcases when we return

From experience this is the best solution

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