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Fiesta Cuba #8 November 3-10, 2024 | Sol Varadero Beach 16+

Here’s why traveling in a group with Passion Varadero

  • 7 nights all-inclusive

  • Air Transat return/return flight

  • Support costs

  • Activities included Wow White Ball Evening, Calle 62 Party, Sunset Surprise, Donation Day + Children’s Party, Mini Beach Party

  • Excursions are private to Passion Varadero members (no other tourists = total freedom of time management)

  • All transportation to the activities will be offered by convertible (at your expense)

  • A reserved VIP area on the beach (certain hotels)

  • One or more surprise activities during your stay that will make you say “wow”

  • The freedom to follow the group during our activities. You prefer to stay solo, no problemo!

  • You will be identified Passion Varadero, therefore certain advantages. (hotel and even in the center)

  • Possibility of being matched with another member of the Passion Varadero group for accommodation

  • Myriam Beaudin Travel advisor and guide

  • Myself Renaud Canuel also present on site

  • Antonio Montano Cuban Guide of Passion Varadero available throughout your stay to answer your questions

And even more, our common passion for Varadero will make us experience unforgettable moments!

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