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Credit Cards (Does it work or NOT?)

Definitely NOT!

ALL credit cards issued by an American Bank.

(A very well-known and widespread one in Quebec: Capital One )

The Canada Post Reloadable Pre-Paid Card (VISA)


All Cards issued by Canadian Bank ; European; etc.

Now the Costco Card is issued by a Canadian Bank .

Visa Desjardins Prepaid Cards , but they haven't issued new ones for a few years, those who have one you have an acquired right, lucky you!

The other rechargeable Prepaid Card of:

Canada Post (MASTERCARD) If this one WORKS it would be a good way to leave it with a family to transmit money inexpensively

A card that a lady confirmed to me that worked in Cuba:

I certainly forgot some with your comments I will correct the situation...

NB: Desjardins Cards use a 5-digit PIN , even if elsewhere than in Quebec they use 4 digits

Enter all 5 anyway before pressing OK

Thank you: Bélisle Robert

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