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Become a VIP member 2024 Passion Varadero

If you are wondering how we can provide free flags to our partners and stickers for taxis, coco taxis, it is thanks to our famous VIP key ring.

Profits from the sale of our keychains are reinvested in the manufacturing of our promotional items, allowing the Cuban company to identify itself as Passion Varadero and pay the costs of our beautiful PassionVaradero website. com and also pay for the laundry of our assistants in Cuba

By purchasing the Passion Varadero keychain, you automatically become a “Passion Varadero VIP” for one year. The key fob is valid for the current year and costs $25.

By purchasing the Passion Varadero Keychain, you automatically become a “ VIP Passion Varadero ” for a period of one year

The keychain is valid for the current year and costs $25.

As a VIP, you will have access to exclusive privileges with our Cuban partners in Varadero, such as discounts or gifts at tattoo artists, restaurants, private guides, taxis, excursions, massages, artists and Special houses.

These privileges can vary, sometimes in the form of discounts, sometimes in the form of gifts such as beer, cocktails, small gifts or surprise discounts.

Please note that to get the free cocktail you must eat at the restaurants. You must also present the key ring to our partners (1 per person).

It is important to note that the objective is not to add additional costs for our Cuban partners, but rather to bring them new customers. The benefits they offer are mostly symbolic, but it is their way of showing their trust and gratitude towards us.

Nobody is forcing you to encourage us, you do it because you want to identify with the big Passion Varadero family, that's all.

Here is the list of our 64 partners and the link to obtain the VIP key ring:

Passion Varadero cannot be held responsible if a partner cannot respect the partner discount.

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