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A subject that often comes up: vaping devices in Cuba.

Updated: Apr 29

Subject that comes up often, vaping

- Question: - What are the restrictions in Cuba? “It’s not a restriction, it’s a ban!”

*Cuba being Cuba, nothing is simple.


Electronic cigarettes are permitted, but they must be unused and stored in carry-on baggage. Electronic cigarettes are prohibited in checked baggage. Please note that passengers are not allowed to bring electronic cigarettes into Cuba and Mexico.


Can I bring electronic cigarettes in my carry-on baggage? On board Sunwing Airlines, personal e-cigarettes or vapes must be stored in your carry-on baggage and cannot be used on board. For other airlines, please check their websites. Please note that Cuba and the Dominican Republic prohibit e-cigarettes and personal vapes, whether in carry-on or checked baggage. Electronic cigarettes and personal vapes will be confiscated at customs if travelers have them upon arrival in Cuba or the Dominican Republic.


And this on a Government of Canada site

Electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers

You cannot bring electronic cigarettes and personal vaporizers into Cuba. Customs will seize these items upon arrival.


*PS. I know that you are going to give your version, but it is one of the only reference information currently, the rest you do what you want…


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