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Yuca con Mojo (cassava with Creole sauce)

    1 to 2 kg of cassava
    1 white onion
    1 dozen garlic cloves
    2 bitter lemons and/or oranges
    Olive oil or other
    Salt and pepper to taste
    Cachucha peppers, minced ginger and chives (optional) as a personal touch

Cassava with mojo is one of the most traditional dishes of authentic Cuban cuisine. A whole national dish.
This mojo, specifically for cassava or taro, should be cooked briefly in the pan.
Cassava is a tubercular root typical of the Cuban and South American table. It contains large amounts of starch and is said to be very satisfying, which is why it is widely used as a topping. This simple recipe is ideal if this is your first time cooking with cassava.

First of all, the cassava must be washed well and the skin removed. If the cassava is good and fresh, the skin should come off very easily.
We cut the roots into fairly large pieces and boil it in salted water. We remove it from the heat once the cassava has become soft.
If after 30 minutes of cooking the cassava is not yet ready, it is recommended to pour out the hot water and add very cold water and boil again. The cassava would then be ready in just 15 minutes of cooking. Grandma's tip.
In the middle of the cassava there is a line of bitter-tasting fibers that must be removed because it is not consumed.
So in a pan we place the mojo ingredients, chopped onion with olive oil until crystalline.
We then add the minced garlic and when it starts to smell we add the juice of the lemons and orange.
When it boils for the first time, turn off the heat and immediately add the boiled cassava sauce. Let it sit a little before serving.
Bon appetit to all Cuba enthusiasts.

Yuca con Mojo (cassava with Creole sauce)
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