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Las masas de cerdo fritas (pieces of fried pork)

    2 kg of pork
    12 cloves of garlic
    1 white onion
    Frying oil or lard
    1 bitter orange or lemons
    Salt and pepper to taste

This Cuban recipe for fried pieces of pork is very simple and can be eaten both as a main dish, as well as to enjoy with a little rum or a beer.
It's excellent especially on these festive days when we don't have much to offer our guests.

Preparation mode:
Cut the pork into medium-sized pieces, wash and drain.
First season the meat with bitter orange juice, salt and pepper to taste, and leave to rest for at least 30 minutes.
In a large frying pan or deep saucepan, fry the seasoned pork pieces in a little oil over medium heat, just enough to seal the meat.
When the pieces are well browned, lower the heat and cover the meat with cooking wine or simply water, then cook until the meat is tender and the liquid evaporates completely.
After draining the delicious pieces of meat, it is recommended to serve them with sliced onion or a little Cuban mojo.
We are then ready for beer, rum and friends.

Las masas de cerdo fritas (pieces of fried pork)
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