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Filet of pescado (fish) a la plancha

    Fish fillet

Enjoying a juicy, grilled fish fillet is something we have to do often, largely because making fish fillets is very easy and it is also a delectable and very low-calorie food.
The recipe we share today is very simple and quick. I would just like to make a few details, which Cuban chefs brought to me, ideal for allowing you to enjoy a delicious gourmet dish without leaving home, an infallibly perfect grilled fish fillet.
To cook a good fish fillet, the cooking time is rather short. That's enough with 5 minutes on each side for a portion about 2 to 3 cm thick.
So it would take a total of about 10 minutes for our fillet to be ready. If it has skin, it is better to place it first with the skin side down and after 5 minutes you turn it over.
Leaving the skin on is an interesting strategy so that the fillet does not fall apart while we cook it.
Of course, you have to make a few small cuts because the skin of the fish tends to shrink while you cook it.
It's important to use a griddle or non-stick pan and then only place the fillet in when it's very hot so the fish doesn't stick.
Finally, it is better to avoid pouring oil into the pan or hotplate because the surface without the fish portion burns, emitting odors that we do not want in our home.
It is best to spread oil or butter all over the fish fillet, depending on what we are going to use.
A personal recommendation is to prepare a sauce with butter, lemon, garlic and pepper. Very simple: just sauté a few crushed garlic cloves in the butter and when they start to brown and smell, then add the lemon juice with a pinch of pepper. Let it cook for a few more seconds and it's good. This sauce should be added to the fish fillet just before serving.
I also just squeeze a Creole lemon directly onto the finished fish. Nothing else is really necessary.

Filet of pescado (fish) a la plancha
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