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Varahicacos Ecological Reserve - For “nature” lovers

Photo found on TripAdvisor

Almost at the end of the peninsula, you will find a nature reserve which will allow you to taste a little of the "nature" of Cuba.

"In 1974, the park was established as an ecological reserve and it is located on the eastern tip of the Varadero Peninsula. This 3 square kilometer protected land is located on the northeastern tip of the Hicacos Peninsula The park has short hiking trails through scrub forests. Admire a giant cactus over 500 years old or the Cueva de Ambrosio (a large cave with many ancient pictographs on its walls). cave where humans lived more than 2500 years ago The Varahicacos Ecological Reserve is one of the best places in Cuba to see the flora and fauna up close and also some of the indigenous history of the region.

You should allow around 1 hour for the walk.

You will find very beautiful images from this link:

Varahicacos Ecological Reserve - For nature lovers

Good walk !

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