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Craft markets (also called flea markets)

Several small markets

There are several small markets in Varadero where you will find handicrafts and a variety of souvenirs. They are located on Primera Avenida, the main street where the panoramic bus runs. They are located near Calles 51, 49, 47, 43, 37 and 20.

The largest market

The largest market is located near Calle 15.

It is very hot in the aisles, but it is possible to have a drink in a more airy space at the entrance. Fortunately !

What we find there

The markets offer a wide variety of items: paintings, leather items, key rings, wooden objects, fabrics and clothing, jewelry, etc. However, very often the same pieces are found from one market to another and at the same price. However, you can negotiate the price a little, especially if you buy several items.

If you are purchasing original paintings (not reproductions), be sure to obtain an invoice since you will need to present it to customs when leaving Varadero.

What to bring back?

The souvenirs that the majority of travelers will bring back are rum and cigars (to be purchased in state stores however), leather and wooden items as well as coffee. And our members introduced us to Cuban honey which they describe as delicious!

For more comments and photos

The last comments are from 2016, but they are still relevant:

Thanks to Lucie Robert, Lisanne Boula and Serge Demarbre for sharing their photos!

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