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Cabin baggage or checked baggage?

Cabin baggage or checked baggage?

Cabin baggage is screened by being fed into the x-ray machine at the checkpoint. If your item is too large to pass through the x-ray machine, it must be recorded. Likewise, if an item is not allowed past the checkpoint, you may have the option of placing it in your checked baggage . Did you know? It's quicker and easier for us to inspect luggage that isn't locked, but if you prefer to lock your luggage, here are some helpful tips . What can I take as carry-on baggage? Transport Canada allows a maximum of two carry-on bags per person. Although the dimensions considered acceptable for carry-on baggage are defined by your air carrier, carry-on baggage includes:

  • small suitcases

  • travel bags

  • backpacks

  • briefcases

  • laptop bags

  • camera cases, which can also hold items such as spare lenses and film, in addition to cameras.

What can I bring on the plane that doesn't count as my carry-on baggage limit?

  • small handbags

  • cases containing only cameras (photo or video cameras)

  • medications or medical equipment (oxygen bottle, visiting bags for doctors, continuous positive airway pressure device)

  • coats and other outerwear

  • crutches, canes or walkers

  • diplomatic or consular bags

  • strollers and child restraint systems

  • items purchased duty free after the security checkpoint

  • snacks that are not liquids or gels

Your air carrier may impose additional restrictions on the number and dimensions of items carried as carry-on baggage. Please contact your airline or visit its website for specific information. Check out How to Pack Your Carry-on Baggage for more tips! Visit our What can I bring? page. to check if your item is allowed on board the plane, and determine whether to place it in your carry-on baggage or in your checked baggage. What can I take as checked baggage? Several items that are not permitted in carry-on baggage may be placed in checked baggage. Visit our What can I bring? page. to confirm that your item can indeed be placed in your checked baggage. Checked baggage is subject to separate screening and may be subject to search as part of the screening process. Locked baggage may be subject to a manual search. For questions regarding checked baggage restrictions (e.g., weight, dimensions) and excess baggage surcharges, please contact your airline directly. Missing Items An item that is not permitted in checked baggage may have been removed from your baggage. If your bag does not contain a Checked Baggage Inspection Notice card, it has not been searched by a CATSA screening officer. In this case, you should contact your air carrier for further information. If you have received a notification card indicating that your checked baggage has been searched and an item has been removed, please contact the official listed on the card for further information.

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