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Turron de mani cubano (Peanut nougat)

    ▪︎460g whole peanuts
    ▪︎60 g of sugar
    ▪︎60 ml of honey

The turrón de maní Cubano. Peanut nougat.
Cuban peanut nougat is one of the most popular sweet snacks that is enjoyed more regularly in all corners of the island. When there is nothing to satisfy the walker's hunger, a peanut bar, like a holy savior, always comes to the rescue.

Its preparation is very simple, it has no secrets and the result is an addictive sweet delicacy that hypnotizes us once we taste it.
How to make Cuban peanut nougat?

The first step is to put the peeled peanuts in a pot or pan on the fire to toast them for a few minutes while we stir them so they don't burn.
We remove the peanuts from the heat and reserve them for later, because it is time to prepare the caramel.

For the caramel we place the sugar and honey in a saucepan over medium heat. We let it cook until the sugar melts completely to form the caramel, but with great care that it does not burn, because then it will make our nougat bitter.
Then, we mix the hot caramel with the roasted peanuts and pour it into a previously greased mold, to let it cool for at least 20 or 30 minutes, before unmolding the nougat and cutting the pieces that we want to taste. at any time.

El turrón de maní can also be prepared with ground peanuts, or with milk, and even with toasted and even well caramelized sesame.

You can find them really everywhere in Cuba. To tell the truth, I prefer to buy it at the local farmers' market than to prepare it myself. So make sure you don't miss this quintessential piece of Cuba on your next trip to the rebellious Caribbean island.

Turron de mani cubano (Peanut nougat)
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