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Chicken with mango sauce

    500 grams of chicken breast;
    the pulp of a large mango;
    a small onion;
    half a cup of orange juice;
    a clove of garlic;
    salt and pepper to taste; a teaspoon of paprika;
    half a cup of dry wine;
    olive oil; a pinch of sugar;
    100 grams of coriander.

First, marinate the chicken breasts. How to proceed? Finely chop the garlic and brush the chicken with a mixture of: oil, orange juice, paprika, garlic, salt and pepper to taste. Leave to cool in the refrigerator for two hours. This way the meat will absorb the flavor.

After this time, remove the chicken and reserve the marinade mixture. In a saucepan or pan, with a little oil, cook the chicken for 3 minutes on each side until golden; cover and cook for another eight minutes.

Meanwhile, prepare the sauce. First, put the mango pulp in a blender, add finely chopped onion and blend until smooth. Add the orange juice, sugar and dry wine and mix again.

Chicken with delicious mango sauce

Finally, add the reserved juice from the marinade to the pan where the chicken is cooking and add the freshly made sauce. Add salt and cover. Cook for 5 minutes to give consistency to the sauce. Serve the chicken bathed in mango sauce.

As a complement to the meal, you can serve boiled or mashed white rice, sweet potato or potato.


Chicken with mango sauce
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