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Curry potatoes

    4 large or 8 medium potatoes
    1 onion
    1 tablespoon of curry
    1 coriander leaf
    1 oregano leaf
    1 teaspoon of cumin
    1 grated ginger root
    4 teaspoons of oil
    pepper and salt to taste

Wash well and chop the potatoes as if you were going to make fries or a little thicker, to taste. Clean and chop the onion into wheels. Wash and finely chop the coriander and oregano. Carefully brush the ginger and grate it.

Put a saucepan on the heat with the oil, onion, coriander and oregano, cumin and salt. When the onions start to brown, add the potatoes, brown everything, then add the ginger and curry. Cover them with water or if you have stock use it, sprinkle with salt and pepper to taste and let the liquid consume and leave a sauce to taste.

Curry potatoes
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