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Masas de cerdo confitadas (pieces of confit pork)

    ▪︎1 kg of pork
    ▪︎1 white onion
    ▪︎Bitter orange juice
    ▪︎A pinch of salt and ground pepper to taste
    ▪︎Oil for frying
    ▪︎2 or 3 cloves of garlic, cachucha peppers, rosemary, ginger and pepper.

Cuban cuisine is simple and made of contrasts, like Cuban life itself. We love meats and vegetables, lemony and caramelized flavors as well as spicy and sweet and sour. Our typical dishes are bursting with color, and the freshness of fruit is transformed into sweet bites.
Tasting a dish is not just a taste experience, it is also and above all the expression of the identity and know-how of a people that we taste, since we are in fact what we eat.

To feed ourselves, we must kill life, whether animal or plant. So the flavors we create are like their ghosts. If we feel this way, we will have honored the life we took. So let's strive every time we prepare food to always get the best culinary experience.

Here is this recipe for pieces of confit pork whose simplicity of preparation is surprising, as well as the explosion of flavors of a piece that melts in your mouth.

Cut the meat into pieces and marinate with pepper, onion and bitter orange from the day before. If you can only marinate the meat for 30 minutes, add a pinch of salt.

Briefly seal the meat in a little very hot oil, while separately heating plenty of oil flavored with garlic, cachucha peppers, rosemary, ginger and peppercorns.

Finally, cook the meat over low heat in the flavored oil and the marinade used, until the liquid is gone and the meat is nicely browned and tender.

Add the chopped onion just at the end of cooking.
Serve the fried pork with the sautéed onion garnished with potatoes, since it's in season, boiled cassava, or mashed taro or plantain.

Buen Provecho and see you soon in Cuba, at the table with the Cubans.

Masas de cerdo confitadas (pieces of confit pork)
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