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Vanilla flan

    Vanilla flavoring
    8 eggs
    200 g of sugar
    1 liter of milk
    Ingredients for the caramel:
    100 g of sugar
    50 ml of water.

How to prepare a delicious flan?

This recipe is used in several parts of the world, whether for occasions like birthday parties, get-togethers, and even at Christmas, no one likes a poorly made dessert, or one with lousy taste,

as such the preparation of this saucer is super simple, which would not take long to do.
It should be noted that you have to be patient and devote your time because like any dessert needs your attention, unless you want a burnt and ugly dessert.

⦁ Take a bowl, in it you will add the sugar, milk, eggs and vanilla essence, make sure to mix each of the ingredients well.
⦁ When you see that the mixture has reached a homogeneous consistency, it is because it is ready, then place it in a metal mold.
⦁ Take the mixture already placed in a mold to the oven, in a water bath with a temperature of 180 degrees, don't forget to leave it for about 30 minutes, this guarantees perfect cooking, after the 30 has passed. min, let it cool to room temperature, then take it to the fridge so it can get a good consistency.
⦁ Already when serving you can add what you prefer, milk sugar, cookies, and much more

Vanilla flan
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