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Chancellor fish fillets (Filete de pescado canciller)

    ▪︎1 kg of fish fillet.
    ▪︎2 to 3 eggs.
    ▪︎150 g of ham.
    ▪︎150 g of cheese.
    ▪︎150 g of wheat flour.
    ▪︎150 g of breadcrumbs.
    ▪︎50 ml of lemon juice.
    ▪︎150 ml of vegetable oil.
    ▪︎150 ml of tomato sauce or other.
    ▪︎Salt and pepper to taste.

The curious history of chancellor fish fillet, a recipe born in Cienfuegos and which can be found on most Cuban restaurant menus.

It is said that in 1960, during a visit to Cienfuegos, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Raúl Roa García, recognized as our Chancellor of Dignity in his own right, tasted a fish fillet stuffed with ham and cheese at the Laguna del restaurant. Cura. When Roa was interested in the name of this dish, the chef at the time responded like this: “This dish in Havana is called 'mar y tierra', that is, sea and land, but now here in Cienfuegos we will call it 'filete Canciller' in honor of your illustrious visit.”

The historical anecdote has become a popular legend, although there is no official confirmation. The truth is that this exquisite dish is known throughout Cuba as Chancellor fish fillet.

Clean and cut the fillets into two equal parts and marinate the fillets with salt, pepper and lemon juice and leave to rest for about 30 minutes.
Thinly slice the ham and cheese. Place crushed or finely chopped garlic, as well as a slice of cheese and ham between the two fillets, and pass this assembly in the wheat flour, beaten eggs and breadcrumbs.
Fry the breaded fillets in a pan with plenty of fat, about 5 minutes on each side, until nicely browned.
Once cooking is complete, drain the fillets on a cloth or absorbent paper. It is recommended to serve on a bed of tomato or beetroot sauce, and perhaps garnished with fries or tostones.

Chancellor fish fillets (Filete de pescado canciller)
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