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Chicharritas de plátano (Plantain chips)

    1 to 2 green plantains of the macho or burro variety
    Frying oil.

Chicharritas or mariquitas (plantain chips), a dish of Cuban cuisine, are served as a garnish for meat or fish. It is also used to make a kind of soup... and particularly appreciated as an appetizer during drinking time.

Peel and cut the banana into very thin slices, if possible with a mandolin or potato peeler, across the banana or lengthwise.
Heat plenty of oil in a not too large pan to prepare them in small quantities so that they come out nice and crispy.
Once the oil is very hot, add the banana slices and separate them using a fork. Let them brown lightly on both sides. You will know they are ready, and especially crispy, by the dry sound when you tap them lightly with the slotted spoon.
When removed from the oil, they should be placed on a paper towel so that it absorbs the excess oil.
You can eat these banana chips salty, sweet or as is.
Personally, I prefer the rural version in which the farmers fry the banana slices with their peel and it is served with lemon or orange zest.
It is undoubtedly one of the main aperitifs of the Cuban family to accompany rums and beers.
So Chicharritas, health and happiness!

Chicharritas de plátano (Plantain chips)
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