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Why is baggage not included in the ticket for certain companies?

The reason is quite simple. Baggage fees became an important source of revenue for airlines, which began offering lower fares and increasing profits through additional services. But this restriction did not always exist, at least, not for this reason. Originally, baggage limitations were used to deal with the lack of space in early aircraft models.

Then, with the growth of air transport, airline policies evolved to give priority to the transport of goods but also to the transport of passengers' luggage, the latter being largely covered by the cost of the ticket. However, the explosion in air travel, but especially the number of bags to carry, has posed a problem for airlines, pushing them to set a maximum weight depending on the class of service.

Other additional reasons, linked in particular to the boarding process which could be slowed down by the number of hand luggage, to the limited space of bins on planes, but also to the security problems that the mass of baggage could represent in the event of evacuation, reinforced this new policy.

But another issue behind restricting and charging for checked baggage is increasing revenue. Initiated in 2008 by American Airlines, this approach has been adopted by many players in the sector, and also allows airlines to cope with the high price of oil, while maintaining the same prices.

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