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Traveling to Varadero with young children - Better to plan everything!

Here are different tips and discussions to help you not forget anything. Better to have a little too much than not enough!

Documents to provide

You will find some details on the documents to provide in this article. Remember that a parent cannot sign a child's passport.

Don't forget the health insurance card and vaccination record if relevant.

Baggage preparation

Here's what our moms suggested to pack in your luggage. Remember that things as simple as diapers are often difficult or impossible to find in Varadero.

You can check with the hotel before your departure if playpens and/or cots are available on site.

Make sure you have an emergency kit in your carry-on baggage in case your checked suitcases are lost and delayed: change of clothes, swimsuit, diapers, medications, etc. A good tip is also to divide everything related to your children into different suitcases. So, if a suitcase is lost, you will have at least a minimum of belongings.

A copy of the exchanges is placed at the end of the article, but in brief:

  • Light clothing but also a little warmer for the evenings

  • Pajamas and socks - very useful on the plane too

  • Swimwear and/or swimming t-shirts

  • Sandals and/or shoes

  • Hat

  • Sunglasses

  • Solar cream

  • Beach toys

  • Diapers, wipes, washcloths (can't be found in Varadero!) - a piqué can also be a good item and a few plastic bags to serve as trash if needed

  • Diaper bag

  • Comforters, pacifiers and favorite toys

  • Night light if he sleeps with a little light usually

  • Medicines + mosquito repellents and anti-itch cream

  • Favorite snacks like cookies, granola bars, etc.

  • If your children can't live without ketchup, peanut butter or jam, bring some because they aren't always available

  • Baby utensils, dishes and cups

  • Foldable stroller and other transport accessories

This article is also very interesting! The article is European but entirely relevant.

In the plane

Depending on the age of the children, certain effects are permitted. Check carefully with your airline. Here is the example of Air Transat.

Regarding the wearing of masks for children, here is again the example of Air Transat:

Moms strongly advise bringing what you need for a snack as well as toys to make the flight more enjoyable.

For earaches, the “hot cups” trick presented at the end of this article might interest you:

For the return flight, the airline may have very few choices for food because everything was sold out on the outbound flight. So it's best to bring a snack or even a sandwich in your hand luggage.

Suggestions made by our members

snacks are toys for theft. We relax on the clothes! hihihi, considering that the children will be in swimsuits...keep room for other things. Also, make sure to put the essentials for the children in your plane baggage in the event of a lost suitcase (I know! it rarely happens....but it happens so we plan for it) hotels have parks for little ones so don't hesitate to ask instead of dragging yours around. The Baby Carrier is LIFE! especially one that goes into the water! I carried my children in the's magical. everything relating to basic care for children (and you too) tylenol, thermometer, indigestion etc etc etc, calamine +++++ mosquitoes love Canadian blood, my children scored terrible. so mosquito repellent and hydrocortisone cream for swelling from bites... it calms instantly. hat for the sun...we didn't have a UV tent...the chairs did the trick for the minis. float for the pool.

Sarah Lussier

Bring lots of diapers and pool diapers so you don't run out! Expensive and hard to find there! And washcloths too. Carry some Benadryl for children and Tylenol for children in your hand luggage. Super important sun hat for kids. If you have milk bottles, I brought a small pot of dish soap and my dishcloth to clean my bottles in the room. Separate laundry between hand luggage and suitcases. If the suitcase doesn't make it, you have your survival kit with you! 🙂

Chantale Bacon

1- Fun & survival kit for the plane, essential! (Download films in advance, coloring kit, food)

2- first aid kit medication kit (tylenol, polysporin, thermometer, plasters, mosquito itch ointment, sunscreen, kaopectate, etc.)

3- food kit… bring compote, biscuits, formula for the baby if not at the breast, etc.)

4- baby kit: wipe, diaper etc, you won't find anything in Cuba, it's very difficult at the moment for mothers there

5- stroller, beach toy kit, warm clothes for the evening

Gifts for Cubans: your extra medicine kit and diaper kit for children… you have no idea how difficult their life is…

Stephanie Bibeau

Bring a stake for the bed too because there are places that don't have a baby bed so it will be practical if baby's little needs pass through the diaper and he is in your bed 😉

Stephanie Bibeau

Calculation at least 8 diapers per day 1 warm clothing per evening and 2 daily clothes because we know that they regurgitate and hats and diapers for water 2 per day at least

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