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The new “Boulevard de Varadero” (between calles 61 and 64)

*** Updated December 5, 2020 ***

Almost the entire new boulevard is now open including the famous Calle 62. On the Passion Varadero group you can use the tags to find all posts with images. They will be presented to you from the most recent, going backwards in time. The magnifying glass can also be useful to you.


"One of the main novelties that national and foreign visitors will find, once they return to the spa, is the boulevard being built in the historic center of the city. A transgressive work in its scope and structure, because it breaks with the traditional patterns of its peers, occupying a space of seven hectares, stretching from streets 61 and 64.

"Ibis Fernández Peña, delegate of Mintur in the territory, clarified that most of the existing boulevards have straight streets, and this one of the spa town stands out for a different architecture, with interior passages, services that will be surprises", published the Cubadebate press officer portal.

As Fernández Peña explains, the work includes more than 60 executions that must be characterized by quality: “We hope that it is a reference for the world, that guests can enjoy it, have a pleasant stay. We are sure that it will be an attraction in the restart of tourist activity.”

The work takes into account the requirements of the moment, as well as the trends that tourism describes at the moment, and its main source markets. In this sense, a restaurant specializing in the preparation of Russian dishes stands out, due to the significant growth of this market in recent months. Likewise, that of the Café is incorporated into its counterparts dedicated to rum and tobacco, located in Plaza Caimán."

The new “Casa del Cafe” on the corner of Calle 63 (Photo: Varadero Travel)

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