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“Swim out” rooms (direct access to a swimming pool from your room) in Varadero hotels

Iberostar Bella Vista - Star Prestige Room direct access to the pool

Do not confuse “swim out” and “swim up”

Sometimes we get lost between the two terms!

A room is called "swim out" if it allows direct access to a swimming pool (private or public) by opening the patio door of the room. A bar is called "swim up" if you can sit there while you are in the pool to be served a drink.

It's not so easy to find hotels in Varadero that officially offer "swim out" rooms! At the moment there are only three. On the other hand, several other hotels offer rooms on the ground floor, near their swimming pool, but without the so-called "swim out".

Hotels that officially offer “swim out” rooms

Bella Vista

You have a photo at the top of the article for the Bella Vista.

Paradise Princesa del Mar

Junior Suite garden view direct access to the swimming pool Royal Service

Be Live Varadero Experience

Rooms Villa Casas

Other hotels which offer rooms very close to the swimming pool but which are not officially presented as "swim out" by tour operators

Several members suggested the Playa Vista Azul (was the Ocean Vista Azul), the Melia Las Antillas, the Sol Palmeras and the Be Live Los Cactus to take advantage of such rooms, but I cannot find a specific offer on the websites of the tour operators.

Several other hotels offer rooms located right in front of a public swimming pool. I spontaneously think of Cuatro Palmas and Palma Real (block 1). Don't forget that these swimming pools are often located in a busy area and therefore less peaceful.

To help you choose a hotel

there is our selection tool - Hotel Comparison | Passion Varadero

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