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Rum Santiago de Cuba Extra Seco

According to Cuban experts, Santiago de Cuba extra dry rum perfectly embodies the essence of light rum.

Rum Santiago de Cuba Extra Seco

Aged in American white oak barrels, this Extra Seco rum shines with its amber color and refined aroma. Its unique flavor evokes the richness of the Cuban land, with its vast sugarcane fields, coffee plantations, and lush fruit trees that make the island a true tropical paradise.

Launched in 1978 by Corporación Cubaron SA, Santiago de Cuba rum is one of the most prestigious and authentic in the country. This exceptional bottle, although rare on the market, is very popular.

Knowledgeable enthusiasts agree that Santiago de Cuba extra dry rum offers a unique experience, perfectly combining the Cuban character with traditional Habanos. This rum, with its sweetness on the palate, leaves a fragrant trail and ignites the senses, allowing you to savor Cuban cigars like never before.

It’s an unmissable discovery, which I highly recommend.

To your health and happiness.

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